Jennifer Lopez's New 'Halftime' Documentary Shows Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of Her Super Bowl Show And Her Quest To "Be Taken Seriously"

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The iconic Jennifer Lopez is known for many things in the entertainment industry, but one of the biggest moments of her career was undeniably her Super Bowl LIV halftime performance alongside Shakira.

While you might not think much of entertainers and celebrities in Hollywood, there's no denying that many of the most successful figures didn't just accidentally end up at the top they worked their butts off for it. And Jennifer Lopez is certainly one of those people. She has a brand new documentary coming out on Netflix soon that chronicles the journey it took to get to the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show and the challenges she experienced along the way.

Jennifer Lopez's New 'Halftime' Documentary Shows Behind-the-Scenes Footage of Her Super Bowl Show

Lopez's performance in the 2019 film Hustlers garnered much positive feedback from both critics and viewers, and the trailer for her new documentary, which just dropped yesterday, shows how disappointed she was to see that she wasn't nominated for an Oscar. But she made the decision to keep going with her career and press forward.

"It was hard," Lopez says in the trailer. "I just had a very low self-esteem. I had to really figure out who I was and believe in that and not believe anything else."

The trailer is full of images and clips of her family life, her dance rehearsals, and her workouts. There is even footage of past interviews in which she was asked some truly bizarre questions, like "How do you feel about your butt?" Her fiancé Ben Affleck makes an appearance as well, posing the question, "Doesn't this bother you?" Lopez's response was, "I expected this."

You can also see Lopez's grit to create a halftime show that would be remembered forever. "I'm trying to give you something with substance," she said. "Not just us out there shaking our f*cking asses."

Whatever your opinions are on Lopez, this documentary looks jam-packed with vulnerability, determination, and inspiration. Lopez gets real about the challenge of not being truly seen and heard; she has been on a long journey to "be taken seriously." Perhaps the most heartwarming snippets of the trailer are the clips of her with her daughter Emme, who seems to be present at just about every rehearsal and performance.

Halftime premieres on Netflix on June 14.

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