Jennifer Lawrence Stars In 'No Hard Feelings,' The Latest "Bimbo Comedy" Film About A Grown Woman Trying To Seduce An Awkward Teen

Jennifer Lawrence is starring in "No Hard Feelings," the latest comedy movie about a grown woman who gets involved with an "unf*ckable" teen – here's what users have to say about the upcoming "trashy" film.

By Nicole Dominique1 min read
Jennifer Lawrence No Hard Feelings

Jennifer Lawrence, 32, will star in the comedy film No Hard Feelings alongside 20-year-old actor Andrew Barth Feldman. Lawrence plays Maddie, an Uber driver who finds a Craigslist ad posted by two rich parents (Laura Benanti and Matthew Broderick) looking for a "date" for their college-aged son, Percy. In exchange, Maddie will get a new car – but the catch? Well, as it turns out, Percy is an awkward 19-year-old with zero game.

Maddie tries to seduce Percy but fails miserably. “Mind if I touch your wiener?” Lawrence asks the teen while holding a Dachshund in his arms (No hard feelings, but that's kinda cringey).

The comedy will hit the screens on June 23, and the film is already highly anticipated by many, but there are a few who weren't too impressed with the trailer. "This actually looks really funny," comments @athompsonABJ.

@CBeckman25 adds, "This looks great, but I hope to God that the aggressive TikTok styled subtitles are not the new trend that we're going to have to suffer through..."

"This is good and correct. Jennifer Lawrence should be making 2006-esque bimbo comedies. The Oscar got her here and she is finally hitting her true potential!" says @JorCru.

"It looks as though Jennifer Lawrence said 'F*ck it, I just want to have a trashy good time' and I am here for what looks like THE horror movie of the summer," wrote @scottdagostino.

"Official and confirmed. Jennifer Lawrence has officially ruined her career," @OssieReviews
shares his thoughts.

The R-rated movie doesn't seem all that amazing. It's supposed to be a funny lighthearted film, and no doubt Lawrence does an excellent job in comedy movies. Yet, a part of me wonders how the audience would react if the gender roles were reversed.

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