Jennifer Garner Is Impressing Everyone With Her Fitness Skills (And You Can Train The Same Way From Home)

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Everyone is raving about how fit Jennifer Garner is, and now you can do the same training she does from the comfort of your own home.

The 50-year-old actress got her big break on the tv show Alias, but since has starred in everything from romcoms like 13 Going on 30 and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, to dramas like Juno, sci-fi films like The Adam Project, and action flicks like Peppermint. Her fitness level for Peppermint got a lot of attention, but it’s nothing compared to what she has recently shared.

What Everyone’s So Impressed By

When Jennifer Garner posted a video of one of her latest workouts, the internet was taken by storm. And for good reason. Sure, celebs are often in shape, they have abs, the whole thing. But this is an entirely different kind of impressive. Jennifer’s explosive fitness training has made her incredibly athletic. 

Oh, but that’s not all.

Yes, you just saw that. Impressive right? She just turned 50 and is more fit than most young people would ever hope to be. Here’s how Jennifer developed the ability to be able to do all of that.

Jennifer Garner Trains with Beth Nicely from The Limit Fit

Jennifer Garner works with her trainer Beth Nicely to achieve all that skill. Nicely is a former Radio City Rockette, but her list of impressive attributes doesn’t stop there. She’s also a marathon runner and has a certificate for her specialty in pre- and postnatal corrective exercise for all of our new moms and moms-to-be out there. 

Nicely specializes in plyometrics. That’s what trains the level of explosiveness you just saw from Jennifer. And as a former Broadway dancer, Nicely pairs that with dance cardio, something she has gained a lot of recognition for. In fact, she was named the best fitness instructor in New York (that’s really saying something) for dance centric workouts. 

Beth Nicely started her own fitness company called The Limit Fit, based on her belief that there is no limit to your fitness. 

If you subscribe to the virtual on-demand fitness program, you can access all of the different workouts – dance, HIIT, and toning workouts of various levels of difficulty. While not all of the workouts are led by Nicely herself (many are), the other trainers are also former professional dancers and accredited fitness trainers. They also offer live Zoom classes, which you can buy individually or in a pack.

Jennifer Garner personally joins Beth Nicely’s Saturday dance cardio classes, which she says “have raised tens of thousands of dollars for various charities. They’re just amazing. She’s like sunlight over your Zoom.” Jen has called it her “happiest, hardest workout of the week.” 

Nicely says, “On a typical day, we’ll do a solid warm-up and then we’ll get the blood flowing and the heart rate up a bit with some cardio dances.” They’ll typically do about four cardio dances and then go through a plyometric box series for about three or four rounds before taking the heart rate back down and using weights to do some strength training. How balanced is this routine?!

The Jennifer Garner Workout

Want the exercises Beth Nicely would put in a plyometric box series and strength training routine for Jennifer Garner? We’ve got them. 

For the box jump agility circuit, you’ll want to do each of the moves for 10 reps (on each leg if it’s a single-leg exercise) and then repeat the circuit for four rounds.

  1. Box Jump

  2. Single Leg Jump

  3. Oblique Twist Jump

  4. Box Jump Burpee

Once you’re done with that, you can move on to the strength training circuit. During these exercises Nicely has Jennifer use 15-pound hand weights. Do 12 reps for the first two moves and 20 for the second. And yes, you have to repeat the circuit. This time for three rounds.

  1. Squat to Overhead Press

  2. Triceps Row to Box Jump

  3. 18-Inch Pylo Box Jump

Now that you’re probably already totally exhausted, Nicely finishes this workout with what she calls a speed workout. The goal is to do five rounds of the circuit in less than three minutes!

  1. Box Jump (8 reps)

  2. Jump Rope (40 jumps)

  3. Trampoline Leap-Over (16 reps)

Closing Thoughts

I know I’m impressed by Jennifer Garner’s fitness abilities, aren’t you? There are a lot of celebrity trainers out there, but Beth Nicely seems like one we can collectively get excited about.

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