Jennifer Garner Brings Soccer-Mom Energy And Orange Slices To An Angel City Game

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Actress and A-list celebrity Jennifer Garner is known to everyone for her lovable roles in romantic comedies, but she's a mom of three who is devoted to her kids. She's also a co-owner of the soccer team Angel City.

LA has a brand new women's soccer team—Angel City—and Jennifer Garner was at their first official game as both a part-owner and a classic soccer mom. She showed up in light-wash flare jeans, a t-shirt, and a gray jacket, but the most memorable thing she brought was orange slices for the players and kids.

Jennifer Garner Brings Soccer-Mom Energy and Orange Slices to an Angel City Game

The Angel City Instagram account shared a short video of Jennifer on the soccer field after the game ended. She's carrying a Tupperware of orange slices and hands them to soccer player Sydney Leroux, who is accompanied by her two children, Cassius and Roux, both of whom are wearing soccer jerseys celebrating their mom.

Jennifer looks right at home with the orange slices, offering them to the kids, who don't seem as interested as their mom in the refreshing snack, but it's cute nonetheless.

Jennifer is a co-owner of Angel City along with Gabrielle Union, Christina Aguilera, and Natalie Portman. She was dubbed one of the official "Soccer Moms," and she even made a video along with Abby Wambach's wife to tell the Angel City players that she plans to have orange slices ready for them.

As if we needed more proof, Jennifer is the ultimate soccer mom.

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