Jennifer Coolidge Reveals She Went To The Emergency Room Because Of A Spray Tan Gone Wrong

Jennifer Coolidge won an Emmy last week for her performance in the HBO dramedy "The White Lotus," but she recently revealed in an interview with Allure that her preparation for the role landed her in the emergency room.

By Gina Florio1 min read
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Jennifer Coolidge is best known for her hilarious role in Legally Blonde, but she won her very first Emmy for her work in The White Lotus, which follows several different people vacationing in Hawaii and facing various personal drama. Because the whole show took place on a resort on the beach, Jennifer admitted she was feeling self-conscious about her appearance. However, her attempt to prepare for the role resulted in a trip to the hospital.

Jennifer Coolidge Reveals She Went to the Emergency Room Because Of a Spray Tan Gone Wrong

Jennifer, 61, has been praised for her White Lotus role; she was grieving woman who carried around the ashes of her recently passed mother. She wanted to look the part, so she decided to get a spray tan.

"For 'The White Lotus,' I didn’t want to look like a big, white marshmallow on the beach in Hawaii, so I got a spray tan," Jennifer told Allure. That went south really quickly.

"I got on the plane and I started to feel really weird," she continued. "By the time I got off the flight, I had to go to the emergency room."

She had such an adverse reaction to the spray tan that she had to send herself to the hospital to treat it. That was the last time she tried to tan herself for the show. "I think we ended up using regular makeup," she said. "The minute we stopped filming, I would shower. I have such a quick reaction to stuff."

Jennifer went on to say that only in the last five or six years she has "started getting allergic" to certain beauty products that contain suspicious ingredients. She was never really one "who cared very much about ingredients," but she's been forced to change her ways.

"My eyes would always be tearing up, but it never occurred to me that it was my makeup," she said.

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