Jeffrey Epstein’s 1997 Little Black Book Has Been Found And Links Him To Several Prominent Figures

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Business Insider has found, authenticated, and now published a newly discovered address book that appears to have belonged to Jeffrey Epstein, connecting him to a whole new network of prominent people.

The Address Book

The small black address book contains 375 typewritten entries and the names of 349 people, more than 200 of whom don’t appear in Epstein’s previously known address book from 2004-2005. This new book is dated October 1997 in a handwritten annotation.

Dozens of entries have been checkmarked with pen and five have been highlighted, the significance of which is unknown.

While the address book isn’t labeled with Jeffrey Epstein’s name, it does contain more than 80 phone numbers associated with the numerous estates in New York, Florida, New Mexico, and Ohio he owned in the ‘90s. It also contains phone and beeper numbers for many of his known staff members, as well as addresses for Epstein’s relatives.

Among the new names of Epstein’s connections are Suzanne Ircha, wife of the owner of the New York Jets; financier Carl Icahn; supermarket chain owner John A. Catsimatidis; actress Morgan Fairchild; and Cristina Greeven, the wife of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo.

How the Address Book Was Found and Authenticated

Denise Ondayko, a former musician and "enigmatic rock chick," found the address book on the sidewalk of Fifth Avenue in the late 1990s. When she skimmed through it, she found contact information for members of the Trump and Kennedy clans.

"I wasn't smart enough to figure out it was Epstein's," Ondayko told Insider, deciding to keep it "for the odd New York City artifact that it was."

Other than showing it off as a novelty to guests, she didn’t think about it, and eventually put it in storage in Michigan, where she rediscovered it over 20 years later. A relative helping her clean out the storage unit made the connection to Jeffrey Epstein, motivating Ondayko to reach out to journalists.

When none of the journalists responded, Ondayko decided to sell it on eBay, thinking it was probably a copy of Epstein’s previously known address book. 

It was purchased by Chris Helali, a graduate student and Communist congressional candidate in Vermont, for $425. Helali believed that this address book was an older book that did in fact belong to Epstein, eventually getting the book to Insider.

Insider hired Dennis Ryan, a former forensic document examiner, to inspect it for veracity and alterations and to date it. He concluded that “the book most likely dates to the mid-'90s and has not been altered.”

This new address book helps to establish the history of Epstein’s connections. Business Insider made a database of the entries here.

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