Jamie Lee Curtis' Naked Child Photo Is From A Disturbing Series Of Pictures That Depict Young Girls In Eerie Environments

By Gina Florio
·  3 min read
Desiree Elkins
Instagram/@jamieleecurtis @desireeedkins

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis posted a photo on Instagram showing a room in her home along with a cryptic caption that referenced her production company Comet Pictures. People couldn't help but notice a disturbing photo of a naked child stuff in a box hanging up on her wall, but she quickly deleted the post.

Nobody can deny Hollywood has an eerie history of child exploitation and even child sex abuse. This became clearer than ever when high-fashion brand Balenciaga released a campaign featuring young girls holding teddy bears dressed in bondage gear, while standing on top of court documents from a Supreme Court case that was about child pornography. Since then, many people have woken up to the disturbing, degenerate child sex abuse content that routinely comes from the most famous, wealthy people in the world. Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis posted a photo of a room in her home on Instagram, sharing that she contracted Covid and wanting to share the details on her chairs. But people quickly noticed that there was a piece of "art" hanging on her wall that looked to be extremely graphic. Within hours, the post was completely deleted form Instagram and she disabled the comments on all her other posts.

Jamie Lee Curtis' Naked Child Photo Is from a Disturbing Series of Pictures That Depict Young Girls in Eerie Environments

There was much speculation about where this photo came from. Was it a painting? A picture? Why did she have a naked child hanging up on her wall? After some digging, it was discovered that it was a photograph taken by Phoenix-based photographer Desiree Edkins. On a website called Lenscratch, Aline Smithson wrote a post about a few different photographers that she admired, citing Desiree Edkins and a series of photos featuring her daughter, Ella.

The photos range from curious to innocent to concerning to downright creepy. In one photo, the young girl is lying down on the floor in the fetal position, with her white hat lying on the ground behind her. She is fully clothed, but there is something eerie about the picture. Desiree shared the photo on her Instagram in 2015.

The photo below features her daughter looking through some kind of light, so that only her eyes are lit up. Her eyes express a mixture of fear and aggression.

Photographer Betsy Schneider is featured next, and that's where the photo of the naked child comes from. It's not clear who this child is, but she's lying naked in a plastic tub, which is sitting outside on the grass. The other photos in this series feature a young girl wearing a zebra mask, playing outside in the mud, etc.—and they all have an eerie feel that makes your skin crawl.

Even more disturbing is the fact that these photographers are featured as "the perfect booked" to an earlier post on Lenscratch. And the earlier post features the work of photographer Timothy Archibald, who also has a history of taking many strange photos of young children. In fact, in one of his photos, a naked boy is stuffed inside a plastic bin and is lying there in the fetal position.

Other photos in this series feature the same boy, naked, with a pair of pliers in his mouth, standing on an empty street wearing a black hood over his head, and crouching over himself with no pants on.

It's concerning that all of these photos are gathered on Lenscratch as if they should be praised. Even weirder, though, is the fact that Jamie Lee Curtis chose to hang up a photo of someone else's daughter lying naked in a tub of water outside. Why are so many celebrities and fashion designers obsessed with art that depicts young children in strange, concerning situations?