It's Official: Macaulay Culkin And Brenda Song Are Getting Married

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Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song are ready to walk down the aisle! Brenda confirmed on January 25 that they are officially engaged.

Beloved Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin, 41, and his girlfriend Brenda Song, 33, are planning to walk down the aisle. The couple has been notoriously private about their life in the past, but we know they had a son in April 2021 and their romance began in 2017.

How Did Macaulay and Brenda Meet?

The two met on the set of Changeland, and a source told E! News that they were first spotted on a double date with the movie's director Seth Green and his wife Clare Grant. But it's rare to see the two of them showing PDA in public as they are both guarded about their private life. Macaulay doesn't have a social media presence and Brenda only has posted a select few photos of the two together on her Instagram.

In a birthday tribute to Macaulay in 2020, Brenda wrote, "Happy 40th birthday to this magical being. My unicorn that I never thought could exist, I am luckiest person in the world because I am loved by you."

When Will They Get Married?

The couple has yet to share any details about when and where they plan to marry, and we expect they will keep things quiet for now just as they have kept their son shielded from the public eye. But all eyes are on the happy couple as they move into the next phase of their family life.

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