Irina Shayk Wears Fake Black Eye On Fashion Runway And People Are Calling It A "Domestic Violence Look"

Shayk's black eye was paired with a variety of different outfits, leaving many people to express disappointment and anger at the idea that domestic violence might be glamorized.

By Gina Florio3 min read

Irina Shayk turned heads at the Mowalola SS24 show during London Fashion Week with a faux black eye, making it her most striking accessory of the evening. The supermodel's ex, Kanye West, and his wife, Bianca Censori, were also in attendance. Shayk showcased different looks, including an oversized black Tupac T-shirt with the rapper's shirtless torso emblazoned on the front, and "2Pac" written across it. The sleeves were partially rolled up, and she wore thigh-high heeled blue boots to add a contrasting pop of color. Another of Shayk's ensembles was a metallic gray halter gown.

Irina Shayk Wears Fake Black Eye on Fashion Runway, and People Aren't Happy with the Look

People are noticing that this bold look was intentionally meant to make it look like Shayk was punched in the face. The origins of this faux punch are unknown; we aren't sure if the designer intended it to look like she got into a fight or if she was beaten by an abusive boyfriend. Writer Laura Bassett highlighted the look on X and expressed concern over its rising popularity.

"I need to know who exactly heard 'what if we made the models look like they were punched in the face' and was like 'yes. A domestic violence look is so edgy, this is good, find a makeup artist who can do a black eye.' Like how many people greenlit this?" she wrote.

Over the years, various celebrities have been spotted at public events sporting a black eye, sparking speculation and conspiracy theories online about their inclusion in what is colloquially referred to as the "black eye club." Despite some celebrities offering explanations for their injuries, the internet—particularly TikTok users—has continued to speculate. One TikTok user suggested that celebrities being attacked is unlikely, given the high levels of security they maintain. Additionally, many have noticed that it’s usually the left eye that is affected, adding more fuel to the conspiracy theories.

One of the most popular (and wild) claims is that the black eye is part of an “Illuminati initiation ritual.” A Facebook post suggests that it may be a mark given to those who have reached the peak of the "elite pyramid," potentially paying tribute to the Eye of Horus or the All-Seeing Eye, common symbols associated with the Illuminati. Another theory proposes that the black eye could be a side effect of receiving an adrenochrome injection, a claim often circulated among Pizzagate and QAnon supporters. A third wild claim posits that an alien race of reptilians might be sending a "worm parasite" through the left eye to take possession of the host. These theories, however, are just that: conspiracy theories.

Shayk's look on the runway was likely just a fashion choice that was meant to be edgy and push the boundaries, as many designers attempt to do. "Domestic abuse is the new fashion & entertainment. After I watched people reenact Amber Heard’s evidence about sexual violence—now a famous model fakes a black eye at London’s fashion week while wearing a 2pac T-shirt of a man accused of sexual assault," Charlotte Proudman wrote on X.

Many people in the comment section point out that the fashion industry seems to have an obsession with pain and suffering, as if there is something attractive and artsy about it. Rates of domestic violence have increased since the coronavirus pandemic, leaving many women upset about the fact that a fashion runway would glamorize a look as if it is something to envy.

While not strutting the catwalk, Shayk has been in the news for her romantic involvement with retired NFL star Tom Brady. Meanwhile, her ex, Bradley Cooper, with whom she shares a 6-year-old daughter named Lea, still figures prominently in her life. According to a source quoted by Page Six, while Shayk, 37, is enjoying her time with Brady, 46, she hasn't ruled out the possibility of reconciling with Cooper, 48, hoping they might eventually settle down and get married. The source indicated that "years have been put into the relationship" between Shayk and Cooper.

Adding another layer to the romantic complexity, Shayk briefly dated Kanye West in June 2021, following his split from Kim Kardashian. They even vacationed in France for West's 44th birthday. However, that liaison was short-lived; a source claimed Shayk viewed West merely "as a friend."

Meanwhile, West seems to have moved on and found love with Bianca Censori. They were present at the fashion show, flying from Italy to the UK to support it. Censori was noticeable for her unusual fashion choice: she wore what appeared to be a lion's mane covering the upper half of her face. This headpiece was paired with an off-white crocheted bodysuit featuring a high bikini cut and an off-the-shoulder style, complemented by clear heels. West, not to be outdone in the fashion stakes, wore his signature all-black ensemble, obscuring his face with a black scarf.

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