Iranian Parliament Votes To Execute 15,000 Protestors Who Participated In Women's Rights Protests

Protests have erupted throughout the country of Iran after 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was beaten and subsequently killed by the morality police for not wearing her head covering correctly. The Iranian parliament has just voted to execute 15,000 of the protestors who showed up in favor of women's rights.

By Gina Florio2 min read

Editor's Note: Recent reports indicate that the Iranian government did not call for 15,000 executions, but rather have arrested some protestors and handed down one protest-related death penalty on November 14.

In September, Kurdish 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was detained by the morality police for allegedly not wearing her headscarf correctly. They arrested her and beat her. Days later, she died due to a fatal blow to the head. As a result, protests erupted all over the country, and many women burned their hijab headscarves in bonfires as a way to speak out in favor of women's rights. Some women even cut their hair in public in protest of the tyrannical regime.

Iranian Parliament Votes To Execute 15,000 Protestors Who Participated in Women's Rights Protests

Iranian lawmakers under the leadership of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei have responded to the riots, reportedly voting in favor of executing 15,000 protestors who participated in the women's rights protests. Iranian Parliament has yet to confirm this development to be true, but we know they advocated for "no leniency" for protestors just days ago.

227 of Iran's 290 members of Parliament signed an open letter calling for the protestors to be taught a "good lesson" in order to stop others from threatening the authority of the government.

“We, the representatives of this nation, ask all state officials, including the Judiciary, to treat those, who waged war (against the Islamic establishment) and attacked people’s life and property like the Daesh (terrorists), in a way that would serve as a good lesson in the shortest possible time,” the letter read. The lawmakers added that punishment would "prove to all that life, property, security and honor of our dear people is a red line for this [Islamic] establishment and that it would show no leniency to anybody in this regard."

The letter also claims that the U.S. incited the protests, although they provide no evidence for this claim. The call to execute thousands of protestors comes after eight weeks of mass protests around the country as well as thousands of arrests. Iranian youth has become more violent and daring toward religious leaders since Amino's death.

Yesterday it was reported that a Kurdish rapper named Saman Yasin was being executed by the order of the Iranian government because of his support for the women's rights protests.

The whole world is watching as countless women are joined by men and teenagers to resist a tyrannical government. It has become much more than an anti-hijab movement and more of a fight for freedom.