Inside The Life Of Instagram’s Preppiest Man, Kiel James Patrick

By Nicole Andre
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Inside The Life Of Instagram’s Preppiest Man, Kiel James Patrick

Kiel James Patrick, designer and Instagram celebrity, is living the preppy dream.

If I got anything out of reading the iconic preppy handbook, it’s that there’s a definite appeal to the preppy look and lifestyle. I mean, who doesn’t want to be strolling around New England, going sailing and playing pickleball, all the while wearing brightly colored, classic American style?

Nobody embodies the preppy dream better than Kiel James Patrick and his wife Sarah Vikers. After all, his Instagram bio even states its purpose as “documenting their American dream.”

Sarah is a gorgeous brunette who evokes the image of the ultimate preppy fashion icon Jackie Kennedy. In addition to running her own Instagram and working alongside Kiel on their shared business, Sarah runs her blog Classy Girls Wear Pearls. (So true, Sarah. Every girl should own a strand of pearls. Classic jewelry over the cheap and trendy any day. Jackie Kennedy herself would approve of such a sentiment.)

In recent years, the two have also grown their little family when their son Harry (who, in case there was any doubt, is positively adorable) joined them. And just to ensure there was no shortage of cuteness (there wasn’t), the three have two golden retrievers, a.k.a. one of preppies most favored breeds, according to the handbook. Bennie and Maple put the preppiness right over the top and make regular appearances on Kiel’s Instagram.

The Business of Prep

Kiel James Patrick is in the business of being preppy. His company, which is his namesake, started out selling women’s bracelets inspired by the imagery of sailing and New England. But it’s since expanded into lots of other preppy apparel. Think dresses, pullovers, sweaters, scarves, socks, and flannels. If you’ve ever wanted to dress like a New England preppie, his brand Kiel James Patrick makes it easy. 

Need the perfect fall to winter coat for you and your boyfriend or husband to match and take couples photos? They’ve got it.

How about the perfect fall flannel dress? Got that too.

Fall sweaters? You know they have them.

Wool socks to pair with the L.L. Bean boots you of course own because you are now a preppie too? You already know the answer. They’ve got what you need.

Each of the pieces is designed locally in New England. Their flagship store is located right in Newport, Rhode Island.

A Peak into Kiel’s Life

For starters, Kiel gets to spend his time in beautiful New England. I mean who wouldn’t want this to be their front porch? It’s so dreamy I think I need to book a ticket to Rhode Island immediately for when the leaves change colors. 

Actually, scratch that, I meant move to Rhode Island for good because, based on Kiel’s Instagram, Rhode Island is gorgeous year-round. And I think we all need a yard filled with bright flowers (and of course, chickens).

And who wouldn’t want to make snowmen with their golden retrievers? Apparently, the trick is to put peanut butter on the scarf that you wrap around the neck of the snowmen. And there you have it, the key to the perfect shot.

But gorgeous New England weather aside, Kiel and Sarah are both very busy trying to bring magic into their son Harry’s life. They recently surprised him with a second golden retriever (Maple).

And if it weren’t enough to assume that Harry and the dogs are best friends, this video of him feeding his pup popcorn just about proves it.

Anyone else remember those being the absolute coolest toy when you were a kid? I found it a treat whenever I got to use my friend’s since my parents never got one for us.

But for really big jobs, Harry has to bust out the John Deere instead.

Date Night Masters

Kiel and Sarah also have a knack for planning some of the best date nights out there in case you need some inspiration. Whether it’s the most dreamy heart-shaped ice skating rink you could possibly imagine (fully decorated Jeep Wagoneer included) or another skate date in Newport, RI these two sure know how to have fun together even in the dead of winter.

If ice skating isn’t your thing, there’s always the appeal of a bonfire. It’s a nice way to just sit and talk. Kiel and Sarah paint a picture of how to live life to the fullest. Because it doesn’t always have to be a fancy dinner (although there’s that too), sometimes it can be camping and cocoa.

Part of being preppy as per the handbook is all about a love for the great outdoors. They don’t spend much time inside. Kiel and Sarah (potentially the preppiest couple ever) have got that down to a tee.

How He Gets the Shot

Kiel says he sometimes relies on the help of his brother or sister to help him get the perfect shot of their family to capture all that they do. But in case you don’t have family nearby to help you with a family portrait, there’s always the tripod.

His main tip is to give all the more antsy participants (those being Harry and their two golden retrievers) lots of playtime before the photo so that they can all hold the position without so much protestation. And if that’s still not working, there’s always the balloon right behind the camera trick to fix their attention.

Something important to Kiel is also to take lots of photos in the same place throughout the year. That way he can see his son Harry grow and the seasons change around the Rhode Island home with each photo taken. 

And lastly, coordinate. You don’t have to match (although that’s adorable too), but he and Sarah always try to make sure that everyone is coordinated. If you’ve ever tried to plan family Christmas outfits you know that can be tricky with a lot of people involved. One tip is to focus on a common color scheme, but still let people pick out their own outfit.

Closing Thoughts

Kiel and Sarah’s life together really does seem like a dream. Anyone else now set on living in Rhode Island someday? Or at least visiting? For now, we might have to settle for just ordering some preppy outfits and vicariously living through the dreamy photos that Kiel will undoubtedly continue to share with the world.

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