I’m So Over Everyone Freaking Out Over Covid-19

By Julia Song··  5 min read
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As a freedom activist, the government’s reaction (or should I say overreaction?) to COVID never sat right with me. Towards the general population, however, I was much more lenient. People had the right to be scared by this new disease.

But a year later, we’re still stuck in the “15 days to slow the spread,” and I’ve lost whatever patience I had left. I’m simply, justifiably, 100% done with any and all collective hysteria regarding coronavirus.

We Need Common Sense, Not Hysteria

Sitting down to write this article, I wondered, “Where would I even start?” It’s a difficult question because the malarkey doubles down at a rate impossible to keep up with.

Perhaps the best way to start would be with a bang! How about this tweet I shared of a school band practicing from inside their individual pods? 

You can read more about it here. And on the same musical note, you will find similar examples of insanity here.

The fact that politicians used a new virus to attack our individual liberties is anything but surprising. The surprise factor actually came from how the population en masse adopted the hysteria and began to turn against each other. 

While politicians changed their minds every day about proper safety guidelines, the members of our community fought on whether wearing a mask to protect the elderly was a civic and moral duty, while completely dismissing the fact that New York's governor Andrew Cuomo sent patients infected with COVID to New York’s nursing homes, along with its vulnerable residents. 

The deaths resulting from that decision didn’t seem to affect public opinion until months later. The toll of deaths that sprouted due to suicide motivated by isolation, depression, and economic difficulty that came as a result of lockdown policies has yet to be felt and collectively measured.

The Lack of Common Sense in Handling COVID Abounds

If this doesn’t make sense to you, it’s because none of it does. 

Here are a few quick examples:

And sooo many others. It gets tiring to expose and name all the hypocrisies coming from the power-hungry people who believe in monitoring and controlling every aspect of other people’s lives. 

The Hysteria Prevents Simple Fixes

It boils down to controlling the population, and it has nothing to do with protecting the vulnerable and responsibly managing the public health in our country.

There are movements against “body shaming” and for sexual liberation being promoted everywhere, but the health risks and diseases that those two behaviors cause are largely ignored because they don’t fit the mainstream’s agenda.

Many COVID policies dehumanize our society and divide us even further.

Gyms, parks, and outdoor sporting facilities closed, even though all of these things improve health. It was determined that Vitamin D, which is best obtained via sunlight, was effective at protecting your immune system against COVID, but we weren’t allowed to step outside. We’re now sitting in our homes, for almost a year, with no exercise and without exposing our immune system to the environment in order to strengthen it.  

Additionally, humans are social beings, and the isolation that lockdowns promote is affecting people’s mental health in a way I believe we’re far from truly comprehending. 

Children are kept from enjoying time at school with their peers, playing, exercising, and developing the skills that will be paramount to preparing them for adult life. 

And then there’s the double masking. The goggles. The face shields. The pods.

Spare me. All this does is dehumanize our society and divide us even further. And as I write it, I realize it’s also effective in increasing my blood pressure. Not good, not good.

The Needless Damage Resulting from the Hysteria

The dehumanizing and power-grabbing by the government also ensures that we never really unite, never really fight back and develop common goals. 2020 has likely been the most damaging year for America in the long term, and we will feel the effects of the choices we made to support this insanity much farther into the future.

People’s livelihoods were also impacted extremely by the public policy surrounding COVID. The service industry was decimated, tourism and travel were wiped out, small businesses and restaurants were devastated, and many of the markets that didn’t necessarily bring in the most revenues, but that employed the most people, ceased to exist. Meanwhile, billionaires made more billions.

We will feel the effects of the choices we made to support this insanity far into the future.

For our most vulnerable across the world, especially in places that heavily relied on tourism, we will see an increase in issues related to poverty and hunger like infant death, cholera, and malaria. Many of the people who are perishing from this will have their names brought to light in the near future, and I hope we can all approach the pandemic with more common sense to prevent further damage.

Closing Thoughts

So, yes, in the beginning I blamed our public officials fully for the blatant disrespect for human life and human rights, as well as the lack of common sense, that translated from their policies regarding COVID. But, a year later and with NO sign of any curve being flattened, we MUST return to normal life, and I have no patience for people who want to keep us stuck to this anti-science cult of hysteria. This is 2021 now, and COVID panickers are hereby officially canceled.

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