If You’re Obsessed With Ballerina Farm, You’ll Love These 15 Accounts

If you love rancher mama meets ballerina and pageant queen Hannah Neeleman behind the account Ballerina Farm, Instagram and TikTok have lots more where that came from.

By Nicole Andre3 min read
Pexels/Yaroslav Shuraev

If you’re hooked on the Instagram account Ballerina Farm, you aren’t alone. Hannah Neeleman has 8.7 million followers for a reason. 

Not only is she a rancher and a mom who creates drool-worthy, healthy recipes, but she’s also a Julliard-trained ballerina. So in between her posts of homemade cooking and ranch life, you’ll find videos of beautiful ballet dancing. It’s no wonder that she was recently crowned Mrs. American. 

Her ranch lifestyle is such a breath of fresh air in our modern world. In a sea of influencers who are all about overconsumption, Hannah’s account is about what you can create – building a fulfilling life on your own land, taking care of your own children, and eating food you’ve made yourself.

If you’re inspired by Ballerina Farm like we are, these are 15 social media accounts you need to be following so that you can start your very own homestead like Hannah, one loaf of sourdough bread at a time. 

Jill Winger

Jill is a homesteader all about escaping our modern world and returning to the simple way of life. She has lots of tips on how to start your own homestead even if you can’t actually move to the country. 

Bailey Van Tassel

Have you always wanted to start gardening, but it just doesn’t seem doable? Bailey was raised by cowboys but now has a garden in the suburbs and can help you figure out what to grow, how to grow it, and what to do with it (just in time for Spring!). 

Ashley Turner of Turner Farm

Remember during the pandemic when sourdough bread went viral? Ashley Turner will teach you how to master sourdough bread and its many different variations. 

Madison Mealy

Madison has the cutest little family living in the mountains of North Carolina. They moved from Hawaii to embrace this way of life. If you want to see beautiful photos of her family living in the Blue Ridge Mountains, you need to be following her.

Brittany Johnson of Hillside Highland

If rancher meets supermodel is a thing, it’s Brittany Johnson. Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous, but she also posts all about remodeling their ranch house in eastern Washington and amazing gluten-free recipes. 

Mary Heffernan of Five Marys

For the behind-the-scenes of the ranch named after four daughters all named Mary, you need to follow Mary Hefferman. You can get the meat from their ranch delivered right to your doorstep, and they sell cookbooks to go with it.

Kirby Long

Kirby is a new mama and lives with her husband, Luke, on their ranch (rumor has it they met during a photoshoot for Wrangler!). And they sell their own branded apparel so you, too, can dress like you live on a ranch.

Lizi Heaps of The Food Nanny

If you don’t know the Food Nanny, you’re welcome, now you do. Lizi Heaps has the cutest personality and a darling farm in Utah. And she’ll teach you everything you need to know about cooking with kamut flour.

Nara Smith

If you want to learn how to make everything from scratch, then you need to follow young, soon-to-be-mama Nara Smith. She makes everything from cinnamon rolls to cocoa puffs to PB&J from scratch, and it’ll make you want to do the same.

Natalie Kovarik

Natalie Kovarik is a rancher from Nebraska with posts worthy of a cool Western-style Pinterest board. She runs a podcast all about understanding agriculture and where your food comes from. And she looks fabulous doing it! 

Avery Claire Wrigglesworth of Lily Hill Cattle

Avery Wrigglesworth is saving her family’s farm in Georgia. If you want to learn the ins and outs of a family beef farm, this is your sign to hit that "follow" button. Plus, you can get beef right from her ranch sent to your door if you live in the States.

Emily Mariko

Emily Mariko is the old-school cooking influencer. For ASMR and the best recipes for wholesome meal inspiration, she’s your girl.

Hillary Muscatello of Tello and Rose

Hillary Muscatello is all about living a classical American lifestyle. Her home decor is what dreams are made of, and she’ll give you the best homemaking tips you didn’t know you needed. She also runs an online blog and a bi-monthly magazine.

Annette Thurmon of Azure Farm

Annette Thurmon has got it all. She’s a city-girl wedding dress designer turned country girl and has all the gardening tips, recipes, and home decor DIYs you need.

Briana Bosch of Blossom and Branch Farm

Have you ever wanted to get into floral design? Briana Bosch is your girl. She’s got lots of guides and workshops to get you started on your journey. She also focuses on regenerative farming, old home renovation, and sustainable decor.

Closing Thoughts

If your goals involve creating a simpler life, learning how to cook, or starting hobbies that revolve around creating instead of consuming, then these 15 accounts are all the inspiration you need to have on your feed! For social media that inspires you instead of draining you, these ladies are your best bet.  

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