Hunger Games' Alexander Ludwig And Wife Reveal That They Suffered A Third Miscarriage

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You may know Alexander Ludwig from "Hunger Games" and "Vikings." He and his wife Lauren got married last year and have seemingly had the picture-perfect relationship. But it turns out they've had their fair share of struggles.

Lauren Ludwig posted on her Instagram a picture of her and Alexander in the hospital with a long caption that detailed their recent loss. Her hope is to raise awareness about miscarriages and how common they are amongst women.

Hunger Games' Alexander Ludwig and Wife Reveal That They Suffered a Third Miscarriage

Suffering one miscarriage is hard enough, but Lauren and Alex have gone through three, and they want other parents who have experienced miscarriages to know that they're not alone. Lauren originally wasn't sure if she should share this news, but she decided that it was worth telling her story, even if it meant helping just one other woman feel supported.

"Last week @alexanderludwig and I had our 3rd miscarriage," she wrote in the caption. "I decided I wanted to share because I don’t think it’s a shameful thing to talk about. I want to help others realize how common miscarriages are and how they aren’t something to be embarrassed about."

"Going through this has made me realize, I definitely am not alone," she continued. "It’s so common and yet, I feel its not talked about nearly enough. If more of us talked about these things, maybe we would feel less alone and at fault. Information is power and I want to start sharing more of it."

Lauren and Alexander have always seemed to be a happy couple and they're supporting each other through this difficult time. "I’m so proud to call you my wife, you amaze me every day with your resilience strength and just love of life. We got this baby ❤️," Alexander commented on her post.

Lauren concluded by saying that their miscarriages "will forever be a part of our story." Her hope is for "one person reading this to know they are not alone."

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