How You Can Dress For Spring Like a French Girl

Winter is over and warmer weather is starting to appear, which means it’s probably your least favorite time of year to get dressed.

By Erica Jimenez2 min read
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Is there anything more confusing than spring weather? We’re itching to wear sundresses and shorts after months of bundling up, but the unpredictable weather is usually not on our side. There’s nothing worse than leaving the house in a super cute outfit only to freeze the whole time you’re out. 

As always, French women hold the secret to dressing elegantly no matter what the temperamental weather conditions may throw at you. 

1. Layer with a Cardigan

Spring weather can never make up its mind, so you’ll want a cute cardigan to throw on when it starts to get chilly. Don’t just settle for any old one, though. Look for a pretty color and high-quality knitting. 

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2. Up Your Layering Game

Turn your favorite sundress into a transitional piece by adding a blouse underneath. If you’re feeling minimalist, stick with a simple white button-up. But if you want to get a little adventurous, go for a blouse with detailing or a statement feature like puffy sleeves.

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3. Embrace a Fun Blazer

When we say blazer, your mind probably instantly jumps to the bland navy or black jacket you’re throwing on every day for work. But blazers don’t have to be just boring work wear! Find one with a fun pattern or color and have a structured but stylish layer to slip on.

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4. Throw On a White Tee

Nothing screams French girl fashion quite like the simple combo of a white tee and jeans. Now, of course, the perfect ingredients for this classic recipe are a high-waisted pair of pants and a well-fitted tee. Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s lazy.

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5. Grab a Pastel Sweater

Just because the weather might still be a little chilly doesn’t mean we have to stick with dreary colors. Brighten up your warmer items by choosing ones in a fun, lively color! Pair your colorful sweater with jeans or a sweet matching skirt. 

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6. Lighten Up

Trade out your dark winter layers for light neutrals and whites. A khaki trench coat is a great alternative to your heavier winter coats. Bring in some texture with simple patterns like stripes. 

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7. Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

French women may value simplicity in their style, but they’re also masters of the tasteful accessory. Simple yet elegant items like the right pair of sunglasses or a pretty scarf can add that air of je nais se quoi to any outfit.

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