How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Naturally Good-Looking

Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe she followed these 12 tricks for a naturally beautiful appearance.

By Renée Walton3 min read
Pexels/Tatiéle Alves

As women, each of us is naturally beautiful in our own way. That said, it’s totally normal to want to enhance what nature gave us for a more conventionally attractive and healthy appearance – think vibrant skin, shiny hair, and a snatched bone structure. Here are 12 tricks to enhance your natural beauty and leave people thinking you just woke up like this. 

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Apply Castor Oil to Your Eyebrows 

It seems like everyone is singing castor oil’s praises these days, and it’s not hard to see why. From its skin-clearing benefits to its ability to help relieve menstrual cramps, it would appear there's nothing castor oil can’t do. As if this magic potion needed any more skills to add to its resume, castor oil can also be used for fuller eyebrows. Apply it nightly before bed using a clean eyebrow wand for natural-looking fluffiness. 

Use Eyelash Serum for Longer Lashes

Eye makeup trends come and go, but one look that stands the test of time is long and flirty lashes. If your natural lashes are lacking but you don’t want to go faux, invest in an eyelash serum. Dime Beauty’s Eyelash Boost Serum has a cult-like following and promises to enhance the appearance of your eyelashes for a naturally bright-eyed look. 

Treat Your Lashes to a Lift and Tint 

After seeing results from your eyelash serum, play up your newly lengthened lashes with a lift and tint. As a fair-skinned, fair-haired gal, applying mascara is a quick way to take my look from sleepy to alert. With a lash lift and tint though, I can skip the mascara and wake up looking refreshed and ready to face the day. There are at-home kits on the market, but it's best to make an appointment with a trained esthetician to ensure safety and best results. 

Dry Brush Before Showering

A fresh base free of dead skin cells is essential for smooth, glowing skin. Slough off the roughness by dry brushing before hopping in the shower. Use quick, light strokes to exfoliate your whole body. Not to mention, your lymphatic system will get a boost in the process, which can leave you feeling lighter and more energized. 

Give Your Face a Faux-Glow 

A bronzed, glowy complexion is a telltale sign of health and vitality. But in the gray winter months, a tan can be hard to come by. Fake a sun-kissed glow by adding bronzing drops like Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint to your moisturizer. It deposits a subtle tint to hide any imperfections and smooth out your skin's overall appearance – without making you look like a Cheeto. You can apply it with a makeup brush or sponge in the areas you use bronzer for a semi-permanent contour, or you can apply it all over for an even glow!

Stand up Straight

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Body language is everything when it comes to your overall appearance. Stand up straight with your shoulders drawn back to give off an air of elegance and poise. And bonus – you’ll strengthen all the right muscles and set yourself up for better posture for years to come, so your natural beauty can continue to shine through. 

Refresh with an Ice Bath Facial  

Tighten your pores and reduce puffiness with an ice bath dunk. Two daily dunks of 10-20 seconds each is all it takes for smoother, more even skin. Follow up with gua sha and a light moisturizer for best results. 

Drink Your Water (and Electrolytes)

Looking in the mirror and wondering how those fine lines appeared overnight? It may be dehydration. Quench your skin’s thirst from the inside out by drinking plenty of water. Add in electrolytes like Cure Hydrating Electrolyte Mix to help your body maintain fluid balance, which can give you healthier, more youthful-looking skin. 

Get Your Beauty Sleep

If it seems like all the wellness girlies these days have a bedtime routine to ensure a good night’s sleep, that’s because they do. Sleep is when your body resets and heals, so getting proper rest is essential for making sure your body is running efficiently during the day – and for making sure you look your best!  

There’s no shortage of sleep tricks in the wellness social media world, so try a few and see what works best for your body and lifestyle. Some favorites include sipping on chamomile tea, turning off your wifi at night, blue light blockers, and the viral sleepy girl mocktail: 

Supplement with Collagen

Collagen improves skin’s elasticity, reduces wrinkles, and increases blood flow – all of which give you a naturally more vibrant appearance. And since it’s rich in protein, collagen helps strengthen your hair and nails too. Add collagen powder to coffee, soups, smoothies, or any other liquid for a quick and easy way to support your natural beauty. Try out Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen or Apothekary Plump It Up Skin Support.

Play Up Your Pearly Whites 

Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you. Make a good impression by keeping your teeth bright and white. Don’t be surprised if your vibrant, healthy smile becomes contagious. Brighten your teeth at home with Bite Whitening Gel or Lumineux Whitening Strips.

Take a Contrast Shower

Looking for a less intense alternative to a cold plunge? Try a contrast shower. Rinse your body under hot water for three minutes, followed by 30 seconds of cold water. Do that two or three times in a row, as hot and as cold as you can stand. The hot water helps your blood vessels dilate, and the cold water helps your blood vessels constrict. The back and forth helps your blood move through your body throughout the day. Efficient blood flow is everything when it comes to a vibrant appearance, and it can also help improve energy levels, boost immunity and gut health, and give you clearer skin. 

Closing Thoughts 

In a world where procedures and enhancements are quickly becoming the norm, choosing to embrace your natural beauty can feel like an act of rebellion. These tips and tricks can give you the extra boost of confidence you need to feel naturally radiant in your own skin. 

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