How To Submit Freelance Pitches To Evie

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      Have a great idea? We’d love to hear it! Read on for our submission guidelines, general pitching tips, and our current needs for: Health, Beauty, Fashion, Relationships, Career, and Culture.

      Submission Guidelines

      Please only send pitches; do not submit full drafts of stories/op-eds. We only accept pieces that haven't been published elsewhere.

      In any pitch to Evie, please include the following:

      • A Sample Headline for the piece.

      • Where you’ve been published (include links to pieces).

      • A Paragraph Summary of the piece.

      • Your angle of the piece in 2-3 sentences.

      • Sources for the piece that you have access to (provide links).

      • Links to your relevant social media (Twitter, Instagram).

      Please email pitches to

      If you’re hoping for more guidance on what to do (and not to do), read on. These tips will help you get your idea across quickly, clearly, and professionally.

      Step 1: Get to Know Evie

      You should be familiar with the content and tone of Evie. Read our About Us, and get to know our audience demographic by reading the 3 Women of Evie on our Advertising page.

      Step 2: Know What Kind of Content We're Currently Looking For

      Review the list of topics we're currently looking for at the bottom. Keep in mind, a piece should always be in line with Evie's Mission and should feel original or be unique in its approach.

      Step 3: Make Your Subject Line A Great Potential Headline

      Try not to get too fancy, cheesy, or vague. Your subject line can read like a sample headline, for example, "SUBMISSION: Hook-up Culture is Making Us Miserable" — not something like “Fun and fabulous gal wants to write for Evie!”

      Step 4: Keep Your Intro Short And Simple, And Present Your Pitch Clearly

      Keep your email intro short, professional, and easy to read. Briefly introduce yourself in a sentence, list the names of the sites that have published your work (and link any related articles you’ve published), and then get straight to your pitch. Try to paint the full picture of the piece using as few words as possible.

      Step 5: Follow the Submission Guidelines

      This ensures that we can review your pitch in a timely way. Pitches that don’t follow these guidelines may not be considered.

      Step 6: Finally, Please Be Patient and Don't Get Discouraged If You Don't Hear Back

      We have to be selective about what pitches we choose because of the number of submissions we're getting. Please allow seven business days before following up again. If you have several pitches rejected, don’t get discouraged! Sometimes it's about timing :)

      We can't wait to hear from you! Happy writing!

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      We are currently accepting the following types of pitches for JUNE - JULY 2019:

      Type: Evergreen pieces and news related stories.

      RELATIONSHIPS (Friendship, Dating, Marriage, Sex)

      • Why We Shouldn’t Let Ourselves Go After Marriage
      • 7 Ways to Seduce Your Husband For Every Day of The Week
      • The (#) Most Stressful Elements of Wedding Planning, And How To Deal with Them
      • Dating tips
      • (#) Warning Signs The Man You’re Dating is Insecure
      • Healthy sex advice
      • Understanding how men’s brains work
      • Breaking the stigma of relationship counseling
      • Young motherhood topics

      CULTURE (Pop-Culture, Entertainment, Society)

      • Feminism & The Middle East (Example: Women protesting Sharia Law by removing head veils)
      • A list of the 10 worst / best countries for women to live in
      • First-person pieces based on timely entertainment news or TV/movie events.
      • Movie reviews of female-focused films
      • TV show reviews
      • How to have epic game nights with friends
      • Relevant positive stories on celebrities in line with Evie’s values

      HEALTH (Nutrition, Fitness, Body Issues, Wellness, Psychology)

      • Fun homemade drink ideas (Example: Different ways to make homemade summer spa water)

      • Feminine hygiene and self-care

      • Fun workouts you can do with your significant other

      • Fun healthy activities for women who hate hitting the gym

      • Fun beach workouts you can do on vacation with no equipment

      • The dangers of birth control, personal stories

      • Periods - how to naturally regulate heavy periods

      • Bloating - foods to avoid, natural remedies

      • Breast Implants - personal stories

      • Why Botox actually makes you age faster

      • Oral hygiene - natural ways to avoid the dentist (Example: Coconut pulling)

      • Ageism (Example: 25 Pictures That Show Women Why We Should Celebrate The Unique Beauty of Every Age)

      • Guides to meditation for de-stressing

      BEAUTY (Skincare, Makeup, Hair)

      • Healthy ways to tan, dangers of over-tanning over time
      • Best summer hair products for natural beach waves
      • Natural makeup
      • Beauty trends
      • Skin routines
      • Makeup product reviews for each skin tone and type
      • How to rejuvenate hair that’s been dyed many times

      FASHION (Style Tips, Trends, Shopping)

      • Comfiest Summer sandal recommendations
      • Cute vacation outfits (tropical, city, etc.)
      • Cutest swimsuits for each body type (Sexy and Modest options)
      • Best sunglasses for your face shape
      • How clothing choices send signals, and to make sure you're communicating the ones you want (Example: Why Dressing Provocatively Can Be A Sign Of Insecurity)

      CAREER (Advice, Networking, Self-Improvement, Money)

      • How to make the most of your summer while still having fun
      • Reading lists to rejuvenate your spirit over the summer
      • How to properly budget your money
      • How to have an amazing vacation this summer on a budget
      • How to become socially appealing
      • How to influence others without manipulating