Not Sure How To Style Denim Shorts? Here Are 15 Outfit Ideas From Our Favorite Influencers

Denim shorts are a true fashion staple; no matter how many trends we come across each season, few of them have the staying power that classic jean shorts do. Since we're confident that you have a pair (or ten) already, we're dedicating this post to all the different ways you can style them.

By Nicole Andre2 min read
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Denim shorts are a spring and summer staple. They’re easy to wear and go with just about everything. But after a while that sense of style stagnation can start to set in. Rather than shopping for new items, check out these 15 different outfit ideas to spark some creativity. Not only will you probably find a cute new outfit, but your wallet will thank you. 

1. The French Cool Girl Way

This is the epitome of a French girl outfit. Pair something casual like denim shorts with your chicest sweater, and dress it up a bit with cute flats. 

2. The Preppy Way

Or if the preppy aesthetic is more your style, take a staple like a blue and white striped tee and pair it with a simple pair of sandals. (Yes, there is a great dupe for those Hermes ones.)

3. Paired with Florals

Denim shorts go with pretty much everything. Florals included. 

4. The Ultra Business Casual Way

Add some attitude by grabbing the blazer you usually wear to the office and styling it with denim shorts instead. 

5. For a Beach Day

Denim shorts are a must-have for a day at the beach, or really just any casual daytime look. 

6. As Part of a Neutral Look

Find neutrals like black, white, and nude in your closet and pair them with your denim shorts. It will make you look put-together with little effort required. 

7. Wear with Lightweight Knits

Layering is key this time of year, so whether you own a knit set or just have a simple cardigan, try wearing it with your denim shorts for optimal spring and summer dressing. 

8. Break Out the Bermudas

A lot of the shorts you see on Instagram are quite, well, short, but French cool girl Camille Charrière proves that bermuda shorts can also be fashionable.

9. Pair with Fun Sandals

Your denim shorts are the perfect way to showcase your fun sandals. When you keep your top basic, you can really embrace the statement shoes!

10. Embrace Hues of Blue

Don’t be afraid to pair your blue denim cutoffs with other shades of blue in your outfit. If you do it right, it can look amazing. 

11. Like a California Girl

California girls are all about denim shorts, and we especially love wearing them with off-the-shoulder tops and sandals. It's pretty much the spring and summer uniform out here. 

12. Add Espadrilles for Height

Espadrilles aren’t just for skirts and dresses. To elongate the line of your legs, try them out when you’re wearing shorts too. 

13. Add a Hat

It’s crucial to protect your skin from the sun. A cute hat can act as a great statement piece to dress up a basic outfit while also giving you the protection you need. 

14. Pile on the Feminine Accessories

We think of skirts and dresses as being feminine, but shorts can also be part of a very feminine outfit if you style them right. Pair them with feminine colors, softer textures, and delicate details.

15. Don’t Think Too Hard About It

Finally, just don’t overthink it. Sometimes the best outfit is the one that gets back to the basics. A simple black t-shirt and sandals will do just fine. 

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, denim shorts are super versatile. From an effortlessly chic French combination to a cool, California girl outfit, they’re a wardrobe staple all women can enjoy this spring and summer. Come back to this article for inspiration when you need to break out of your style rut. We’ll be here! 

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