How To Steal 'The Queen's Gambit' Dangerous Chic Style

By Erica Jimenez
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Clever chess moves and Russian intrigue aren’t the only delicious morsels served up by Netflix's "The Queen's Gambit." Beth Harmon’s mod 1960s style has women everywhere dreaming of fitted sweaters, swing dresses, and monochrome winter outfits. 

Spoilers ahead!

Beth (Anya Taylor-Joy) starts off the series as a drab orphan with a single outfit provided by the Methuen home. But as she starts to travel and gain notoriety for her chess career, her style evolves to befit her newfound confidence. Want to channel Beth’s cool elegance with a 1960s flair? Keep reading.

The Peter Pan Collar


Like Mia Farrow’s adorable style in Rosemary’s Baby, Beth’s wardrobe intermixes serious style with touches of whimsy. Ever since the Peter Pan collar entered popular culture over a hundred years ago, it’s been a closet staple for ladies through the decades. Maybe it’s time to bring them back into style (again). 

Try this dress for a tailored look, and this one for a delicate, elevated style.

A Hair Scarf

hair scarf

2020 is the year of the hair accessory. With only Zoom calls to dress up for, your hair game matters more than ever. Keep it chic with a tip from Beth: a good scarf makes any outfit. Up your hair game with this boho scarf or this sophisticated one. 

A Mustard Sweater


Make yellow more palatable (and flattering) by wearing a mustard shade! It will warm up any winter outfit and pairs well with other earth tones. This oversized turtleneck or this cozy sweater are both perfect for cuddling up on a rainy day.

The Tweed Jacket


I’ve had multiple friends mention this specific coat from the series, and for good reason: it’s absolutely fabulous. Reminiscent of Chanel, a tweed jacket never goes out of style. If baby pink is your style, you’ll want this jacket. For a more neutral look, go for this light-colored jacket.

A Belted Cardigan


Who says sweaters have to be frumpy? A belted cardigan is the perfect way to elevate your office style. The belt defines the waist and instantly makes you look more sophisticated. This camel sweater exudes understated elegance, while this alpaca cardigan is giving off-duty ballerina vibes.

The A-Line Mini Dress

queen's gambit  a-line swing dress fashion style

Another classic '60s style right out of the Rosemary’s Baby handbook. A cute swing dress is perfect for that brunch or cocktail party you’ve been invited to last minute. Just throw on this pink dress for a touch of whimsy, or a black one for sporty elegance.

A Fitted Turtleneck

beth harmon queen's gabmit turtleneck style

Turtlenecks might be the most 1960s thing ever. They’re sexy enough for Sean Connery, the original James Bond. A classic black turtleneck might make you feel like a Russian agent or an extremely chic Parisian lady (we see you, Audrey Hepburn). They’re also great for layering with a scarf or under a sleeveless dress. Try this one for sleek elegance and this one for a more relaxed vibe.

The All-White Ensemble

queen's gambit style all-white ensemble beth harmon

Nothing says bombshell Bond villain (or, in this case, dangerously chic chess player) like an all-white ensemble. You can find a white coat just about anywhere, but what really makes this look is the hat. Try this faux fur one for a truly daring look, or a wool beret for a simpler but still classy look.

A Plaid Dress

beth harmon queen's gambit plaid dress

Perfect for layering in the fall and winter, there’s just something fun about an LPD (little plaid dress.) Pair it with your black turtleneck and tights for a layered, winter look. Then, throw it on with white sandals in the summer for year-round chic.

Check out this houndstooth beauty and this corduroy confection.

The Oversized Sweater

beth harmon queen's gabmit style oversized sweater

This is the perfect 1960s loungewear look. Pair an oversized sweater with cigarette pants and flats, and you’re all set to face the day. Try this cream sweater or this beige one for a lightweight, cozy look.

The Geometric Print Blouse


Last but certainly not least, the geometric printed blouse. Perfect for a nice dinner or an important meeting at the office, you can pair it with jeans, cigarette pants, or a flowing skirt just to keep things fresh. You won’t feel shy in this polka dot top or this collared blouse.

Closing Thoughts

Beth Harmon’s fierce character is illustrated not only through her chess moves, but through her amazing style as well. If you want to exude confidence and a little bit of haughty indifference, start by stealing Beth’s style. Hopefully, you’ll be able to channel her winning spirit.

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