How To Spice Up Your NYE Makeup Look

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How To Spice Up Your NYE Makeup Look instagram

If you’re going out to celebrate the New Year, chances are you’ve chosen the perfect outfit and shoes to match. You’ve already decided on your hairstyle, and your jewelry is ready to go. Wouldn’t it be fun to spice up your makeup and try something new? I mean it IS New Year’s Eve!

There are several ways to create new looks with makeup, but for your New Year’s Eve look, it’s all about the drama. Trying out a new product or style can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be! Don’t get overwhelmed with all of the options – just focus on one product or technique at a time.

1. Add a Clear Gloss to a Bold Lip

One simple way you can spice up your look is by adding a gloss to a bold lip color you already enjoy wearing. Adding gloss over a classic red lip is my go-to and looks stunning every time. Gloss can be applied over any lip color, but I have found that adding it over a dark or bright color makes all the difference. It elevates the look without overdoing it. Adding a gloss over any bold lip color gives it that wow factor and will make you stand out from the crowd.  

fenty gloss
Fenty Beauty Universal Lip Luminizer in “Glass Slipper” ($19)  

2. Try Liquid Shimmer Shadow

Another way to add some glam to your look is by using a liquid shimmer shadow instead of traditional powder shadow. Liquid shadows are easy to use and pack a punch because of their pigmented formulas. Most come with a brush applicator, so all you have to do is swipe it across your lid for a show-stopping shine. Liquid eyeshadows are also beginner friendly and easy to apply, making it a great choice for anyone. This is a hassle-free way to amp up your look without fear of messing it up! 

Stila Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in “Kitten” ($24) 

3. Smoke Out the Bottom Lash Line

Have you ever thought your eyeshadow look was missing something? Most women focus on the top of their eye but forget about the bottom. Adding shadow and/or liner to your bottom lash line is an effective way to take your eye look to the next level. 

Typically, the same colors used on the lower lash line are also used on your upper lid, but creativity has no limits and any color can be used. I prefer to use a black gel liner and dark shadow when smoking out the lower lash line to give a sultry and effortless look. 

The first step is to line your lower waterline, dragging it down into the bottom lashes with a liner of your choice. Black is typically used because of its intensity. Next, grab a small eyeshadow brush and an eyeshadow shade similar to the liner. Simply blend it out to create a smokey appearance. 

A blank upper lid pairs beautifully with a smokey lash line or an equally dramatic upper lid is also a great option. This is a straightforward technique to amplify your NYE look and make your eyes dazzle! 

maybelline eyeliner
Maybelline Tattoo Studio Smokey Gel Pencil Eyeliner in “Smokey Black” ($9) 

4. Ditch the Black Liner for a Fun Shade  

Sometimes using your everyday products can feel repetitive and boring when it comes to creating a look for a night out. Let’s be clear – this isn’t just any night out, it’s New Year’s Eve! Subbing out a new color for your daily black eyeliner is an easy way to spice up your look and accentuate your eyes even more. 

Dark green or burgundy are incredible colors to try as they enhance every eye color. These shades can be used for top and bottom liner or bottom only for a subtle pop of color. These can be added to any eyeshadow look or used alone for a simple but flirty look – perfect for any party!

Ditch the Black Liner for a Fun Shade green NYE makeup
Almay All-Day Intense Gel Eyeliner in “Evergreen” ($8.49)
burgundy eyeliner
Covergirl 24HR Kohl Liner in “Burgundy” ($8)

5. Add a Pop of Color to the Lower Lash Line

If using black on the lower lash line is a little too harsh for you, then a pop of color in its place can be a great alternative. This draws attention to the eyes while still keeping it fresh and playful. Using color on the lower lash line can take a day look to a glam look within seconds. 

Use neutral tones on the upper eyelid, making it as intense or as subtle as you prefer. Apply a bright liner and blend it out with an eyeshadow that’s the same color. A small eyeshadow brush works best to blend the two together. Blend out as far as you are comfortable. This is also a great technique to conceal any undereye discoloration. 

A pop of color is youthful, fun and is definitely worth a try if you typically stick to neutral tones. This will make every eye color pop and compliment any outfit for your NYE celebration. When paired with a nude lip, this makeup look is truly breathtaking! 

Add a Pop of Color to the Lower Lash Line NYE makeup
L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in “Cobalt Blue” ($7)
Smoke Out the Bottom Lash Line NYE makeup

NARS Single Eyeshadow in Outremer ($19) 

6. Use a Bold Blush 

I think it’s safe to say most people use blush in their makeup routines. I’m curious though, when is the last time you switched shades or applied a few layers for a more intense look?

Swapping out your traditional blush shade for a more vibrant or a bolder shade is a great way to enhance your look and switch it up for NYE. This isn’t a regular Friday night out, this is NYE! If you typically go for baby pinks, then try out a vibrant peach or deep mauve. This small switch can give your face a glow like never before and let you showcase your creative side! 

woman with vibrant blush NYE makeup
NARS Blush in “Taj Mahal” ($30) 

Closing Thoughts

With so many products and new techniques promoted to women on every platform, it can be difficult to sift through what works for you. Trying one new product or technique at a time is a great way to ease yourself into being more creative or getting out of your comfort zone. NYE is the perfect time to enhance your look and try something new! 

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