How To Make Your Workouts Fun Again

By Amanda Lauren··  3 min read
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How to Make Working Out Fun Again

The struggle is real.

For many, it’s all too easy to get bored of working out. Maybe you’re stuck in a routine of treadmills and weights. Or perhaps you’re taking classes that just don’t challenge your body. If your fitness routine is starting to feel like a routine, it’s time to mix it up. Here are some fun ideas to consider. Your mind and especially your body will thank you!

Take a Dance Class with a Friend

Even if you aren’t a dancer, you can still bring a friend along and enjoy a dance class. It’s okay to feel ridiculous as long as you remember it’s not a competition. You will be the only one judging your moves because everyone will be way more concerned about themselves. Even if you can’t dance, you’ll have so much fun laughing together while trying to learn the hip-hop routine that everyone else in the class apparently mastered (like did they prep before this class?!). If this entire thing still sounds way too intimidating, try a dance cardio class instead. It will be a happy medium.

Pick Up a New Sport

Learning a new sport or just sharpening your skills for tennis or boxing will require a lot of focus. You'll be trying so hard to make sure you've got it all down that you will forget that you’re exercising. New sports will have you working muscles that you aren’t used to using. This will get you into amazing shape!

Stop Thinking and Just Start Doing This 11 Minute Workout

Sometimes, the hardest part is just getting yourself to the gym. So don’t! If Kendall Jenner has 11 minutes to complete this routine, then you do, too! Even if this short routine is all you do today, it still totally counts.

Try Martial Arts

You don’t need to want to fight someone to take martial arts. You just need the desire to learn self-defense. This is also a great type of class to take with friends.

Join a New Gym

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery to break things up. Is everything at your current gym as updated as it should be? Or is the cardio equipment getting dusty? Consider switching it up and joining a new gym with state of the art equipment. While you’re there, try different classes with new instructors.

Hire a Personal Trainer

Sometimes you need a professional to make exercise fun and efficient. A personal trainer can do all of this while getting you in the best shape of your life. It’s best to meet with a few different trainers before you decide on one. Then purchase a series of sessions and make a financial commitment. This way, you will actually go.

Netflix and No Chill

People LOVE this one! Sometimes, it’s more fun to binge watch a show than it is to work out. So, why not do both at the same time? Put your favorite show on your television (or iPhone) and make yourself exercise while you watch. It will fly by!

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