How To Get Educated Without Being Indoctrinated

By Simone Hanna
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How To Get Educated Without Being Indoctrinated

Indoctrination can happen to anyone. Certain groups in society have used it for years to trick, shame, pressure, and “educate” people into following their beliefs, and it’s happening extensively in schools and colleges. So how can we get educated without being indoctrinated?

The Value of Reading

In a world of technological takeover, we often skim over the beauty of what reading gives us. Our world is so filled with past and present knowledge that not taking advantage of it seems like a sin in itself. With such a rich history of philosophers and years of wisdom and work, we should be encouraging more people to engage with their labors and lessons and to enrich themselves with a variety of thinkers – further leading them to make healthy decisions on what ideologies match with their core values.  

We should engage with the labors and lessons of past thinkers and writers.

You don’t have to just stick to a small group of philosophers either if you really want to broaden your knowledge. You can read their critics too. The ability to empathize and engage with the other side is an essential part of politics and philosophy that’s often disregarded and overlooked in modern times. Today it can be difficult to state certain arguments or opinions without getting hounded by people who go from 0-100 in debates. It’s crucial we stress the importance of free-thinking and wholesome debate in a society that seems so eager to strip us of these simple liberties. 

Do Your Own Research

Of course, the safest and most sensible way to prevent indoctrination is to make sure you have all the facts and your facts are coming from secure places. Do your own research and ask for advice. By doing your own research you secure knowledge that you found on your own accord.

Make sure you have all the facts and your facts are coming from secure places. 

Too often too many people, especially our younger members of society, are heavily influenced by social media and the pressure to fit in with what their peers believe. By finding evidence, not only will they be able to back themselves up, but they will gain a valuable understanding of the world. It’s important we teach our younger members of society how to think rather than just what to think. Without this emphasis, we risk becoming sheep, simply flocking with the masses.

Steer Clear of Beliefs Applied with Force 

Nothing is more off-putting than a self-centered maniac who never lets you get a word in. Since social activism has become so ingrained today, it can be difficult and frustrating to try and reason with those who don’t just silence your voice, but shout over it. These people should be avoided at all costs.

If someone ever tells you “it’s my way or the highway,” then you should run towards that highway and not look back. Too often, people will lay down their beliefs as though they were boundaries, stating you either follow them or find other peers. In these situations, your best option is to escort yourself away from the situation and find people who will accept you for who you are, even if they differ from you on certain topics.

Too often, people will lay down their beliefs as though they were boundaries.

While attempting to debate these people may seem like the attractive option, it’s more likely than not that you’ll be wasting your breath. 

Improve Your Social Confidence

Confidence goes a long way, in more ways than one. When we attain enough confidence in our own beliefs and values, we’re able to share them with others in a clear and articulate manner. Today many of us mistake the mass appeal of ideas as a sign that they’re correct; we’re fooled into believing that if the majority believe it, then it automatically makes it gospel. 

The popularity of arguments is one of the most common ways to indoctrinate people.

By improving your confidence in your personal, political, or social views, you know deep down that you can back yourself when challenged. The popularity of arguments is one of the most common ways to indoctrinate people, as those who are more timid, afraid, or just ignorant of the facts are more likely to give in to social pressure. But by staying in full charge of your own beliefs, not only do you avoid indoctrination, but people are more likely to respect your beliefs too. 

Avoiding a Growing Problem 

Last summer, former teacher Douglas Blair testified how schools in the U.S. were “indoctrinating children” with what he called “leftist ideology” – something that should be of concern to many parents in the U.S. Parents who send their children off to school should question what and who is influencing their young ones. 

Progressive figures often dominate the education system in the U.S. A place that should teach children free-thinking and the value of difference has become propaganda central, weaponizing the naïve and easily influenced minds of society to feel shame if they’re from certain backgrounds or if they love and honor their country. 

Progressive figures often dominate the education system in the U.S.

In another time, children were encouraged to question the ways of the world, to seek out wider knowledge wherever possible. But today, even college students are afraid to query issues from fear of repercussions and shame from the opposing side. We must prevent this wherever possible.

Closing Thoughts

We live in a society fraught with social tension and division. In ideal instances, the best way to combat it is to be open to the other side. Simply listening to what they have to say is a good start. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks in this manner, and intolerance and indoctrination are growing. So it’s important we educate ourselves to be able to put up a good case for our cause by learning all the facts on issues we care about. 

We must all remain advocates of free-thinking. Maybe then we can begin healing other open wounds too. 

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