How To Get Blake Lively’s Fabulous Beach Waves

You’ve heard of a girl crush, well, I have a hair crush, and it’s on Blake Lively’s gorgeous blonde waves. Luckily, I’ve gathered all the details from her hairbrush to the products she uses so we can all achieve her bombshell waves.

By Nicole Andre3 min read
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Ah yes, the beach wave, the ever-illusive hairstyle that manages to look effortless and yet perfect at the same time somehow. And if anyone were the master of it, it’s definitely none other than Blake Lively. Whether you’re rewatching episodes of Gossip Girl with all the amazing outfits, watching her in The Age of Adaline, or swooning over her real-life it-girl style, Blake Lively always has great hair. 

Lively really does seem to have it all. She’s got good looks in spades and a busy career as a result of her acting talent, yet she still makes time to prioritize what’s important in life. She and her husband Ryan Reynolds are one of the few Hollywood couples to show that a marriage can be lasting and filled with joy — just watching their adorable spars on Twitter or Instagram would be enough to make your heart melt. These two take care of their relationship and their now family of five, having now welcomed three daughters, James, Inez, and Betty. (Do you recognize those names from a certain Taylor Swift song, perhaps?)

So if this busy mama can do it, surely we all can manage, right? I think with a little extra effort and probably a good deal of practice, anyone can replicate her beautiful waves at home. And the fact that hairstylist Rod Ortega has shared some of the secrets certainly won’t hurt.

It Starts with Hair Care

You have to have a good foundation for any kind of styling to be of any benefit. So what does Lively do to keep her hair long and healthy, even with all the heat styling it undergoes in the hair and makeup chair?

For Lively, it starts with a good shampoo and conditioner. She owns all of the different Kérastase shampoos! That’s enough to make me pick up a bottle from the brand. And while her favorite is said to be the Le Bain Ultime Elixir Shampoo, she makes sure to change out the shampoo she uses at the direction of her hairstylist Rod Ortega so that her hair doesn’t get too used to one shampoo. Who knew?

When you get out of the shower, make sure to use a wide-tooth comb or a shower brush to get the tangles out of your hair. Your hair is in its most vulnerable state when it’s wet, so your usual paddle brush will be too harsh for it and can cause more breakage.

A regular trip to the salon is also an important part of haircare. Ortega recommends seeing a stylist at least every two months so you get rid of the dead ends and reshape your hair. Lively generally wears a layered cut that requires a bit of upkeep so this is essential for her.

Lively also makes sure to use a hair mask to give her hair some much needed TLC from time to time. And while I bet she likely uses one from Kérastase a lot of the time, she’s also sung the benefits of putting mayonnaise on the ends of your hair in the shower to keep the shampoo from drying it out. Sound a little scary? Maybe try coconut oil.

Hot Tools and How-Tos

Ortega starts off by drying Lively’s hair with the T3 Featherweight Hairdryer and an Ibiza round brush. Ibiza has many different high-quality round brushes with boar bristles that will help cut down on frizz, so if you blowdry your hair a lot it could be worth the investment. Just pick one best for your hair length and type!

When he creates the waves he starts by pinning off sections. This will help make sure you get every piece of hair and lead to a neater result. He uses the T3 convertible set (usually the 1 inch), curls all going in the same direction, and pins the waves as he goes.

The Final Steps

Next up is, drumroll please…hairspray, of course. A step you likely know the importance of very well. If you don’t want crunch, be sure to move the hair around after spraying. This will help break up the cast so you don’t get that crunchy feeling, but you’ll still get all the hold you want. Ortega likes L'Oréal Elnett and Kérastase VIP. And for those flyaways that just won’t budge, he’ll typically use the Christophe Robin Prickly Pear Balm on her hair.

Want Blake Lively level volume? Ortega says the only thing he really uses to get the hair big is the Christophe Robin Rosewater Spray. Excuse me while I run to Sephora!

And to keep the ends healthy after all the heat, Ortega will apply an oil. He likes to rotate between Kiehl’s Silk Groom, Sidley-Paris, and Kérastase (which he uses on her ends even though it’s formulated for the scalp) so that her hair doesn’t get used to one. 

And finally, he’ll brush out the waves lightly with a paddle brush from Ibiza so they lay nicely.

Throw It Up

One thing Lively isn’t afraid to do is mix up her hairstyle. She often will go for a textured updo or ponytail. So if your waves didn’t turn out quite how you wanted, try taking the texture you created and putting it into a cute pony or bun. 

She’s also a big fan of braids. You can add accent braids to your waves, put your hair into a sleek pony and then braid, or even do a boho side braid. All are very Blake Lively-esque options. 

The full braids or braid from a pony are really great options on days when you don’t want to put any heat on your hair because the texture matters a lot less because nobody sees it. Lazy girl trick right there!

Closing Thoughts

I’ve long wanted to replicate Blake Lively’s effortless-looking beach waves, and after doing some research, I feel armed with some tips that will help. And the best part, this is a style that will look best on the second day, so if you normally wash your hair every day, here’s to grabbing some dry shampoo and skipping a wash (or two). So grab your hair products, your blowdryer, hairbrushes, and curling iron because it’s time to get those Blake Lively level waves.