9 Flattering Style Secrets For Women With Large Breasts

By Nea Logan··  4 min read
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How to dress when you have big boobs

People say “well-endowed” like it’s a good thing. But we know it means taking 100 shirts to the dressing room and hating them all. Thankfully, having Double D’s doesn’t have to mean that your style is doomed. It’s entirely possible to flatter a top-heavy figure without poking an eye out (à la Madonna) or resorting to the dreaded mumu.

Dressing up your larger bust usually involves lots of trial and error. But these tips can help take your shopping trips from frustrating to fabulous.

1. Square Up Your Figure

Selecting a lower, square-shaped neckline can help show more collarbone without being too fleshy. Alternatively, a scoop or a wide V neck give a similar, flattering effect. You might think that a more open neckline would make your chest more pronounced, but reducing the amount of fabric you’re wearing up top creates the perfect optical balance that doesn’t cause you to look larger than you are. 

2. Color Block 

Steal the attention away from your girls by creating a sharp contrast between your blouse and bottoms. This can be as simple as wearing a white crop top over black high-waisted jeans, but why not embrace the entire color wheel? Fun, color-block prints and chunky, asymmetrical patterns can also shift the focus away from a busty figure. 

3. Love on Some Layers

It’s easy to feel overexposed when wearing tank tops and even fitted tees. Fun layers like an ornate pashmina scarf or a cropped jacket can create asymmetry and straight lines to draw the eye away from there.  

4. Wrap It Up

A wrap (blouse or dress) is the go-to for every figure that will never do you wrong. Consider this cut your best friend in fashion. Add a shelf bra cami underneath if you’re extra busty or want to play down cleavage.

5. Just Buy a Better Bra

You don’t have to wear the sports bra anymore, sis. Minimizer bras are the best kept secret and can help you get into those special occasion dresses and blouses without going over the top. They work by spreading out the breast, reducing your size by an inch or more! Vanity Fair and Bali are the most popular minimizer bras brands that promise a figure-flattering foundation beneath all of your fashion finds. Once you do find your perfect bra, you’ll want to burn all the others.

6. Go Camo with Pretty Patterns

Some well-endowed women avoid patterns because they fear they will channel grandma’s couch. But a nice floral print or basic polka dots can act as camouflage, forcing the eye to focus more on the details and less on your D-cup.

7. It’s Okay To Be Sultry, but Don’t Spill Over

We may feel the need to accentuate a small waist and great booty by going for the bodycon dress or some other tight-fitting, figure-gripping outfit. Approach this with caution. Ill-fitting tops and dresses can cause our assets to pop too much, causing the large chest to be the only thing you can see. Rule of thumb: You may be able to get into it, but that doesn’t mean that you should wear it.

8. It’s Okay To Omit Oversized Clothing

Don’t let anyone tell you to wear another chunky sweater ever again. The truth is you will look like a tent since our breasts tend to cause fabric to “blouse” outward over the trapped air underneath our clothes. (You know the look.)

9. Ace Your Accessories

But if you absolutely must wear a turtleneck or a shallow neckline tee, break things up a bit with a long pendant chain or a chunky statement necklace. If the length of your blouse comes over your hips, a belt in a contrasting color will cinch that waist and give you an hourglass appearance. A purse, clutch, shoes, or earrings in a vivid or unusual color can cause eyes to focus on your complete look instead of zooming in right there

Closing Thoughts

Old, outdated fashion advice had us wearing loose-fitting, oversized cropped sweaters over tank tops to conceal our fabulous figures. Reality is, we don’t have to sacrifice style because God gave us a little extra to work with. We can totally express our fancy and feminine selves – not by covering and cowering – but with class and confidence.

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