How To Craft A Cozy Morning Routine For Fall

Fall is officially here, and that can only mean one thing – it’s time to get cozy. But in addition to switching out your regular coffee creamer for pumpkin spice, here are some things you can do for a happier and healthier autumn.

By Evie Solheim4 min read
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Modern life has separated us from living seasonally in many ways, but the transition from summer to fall is always worth celebrating. It can be harder to pull yourself out from under the covers as the sun rises later and later, but it’s so worth it to savor those crisp fall mornings. 

Maybe you’re lucky enough to work from home and can take it slow in the morning. Maybe, like me, you’re a mom whose mornings are dictated by a tiny tyrant – and you get in those little wins when you can! Whether you’ve got all the time in the world or just five minutes, here are six tips to help you revamp your morning routine this autumn.

A Good Morning Routine Starts the Night Before

Any wellness girlie knows that a good morning routine always starts the night before. Give yourself a head start by putting down the phone before bed, says Melissa Snover, founder and CEO of personalized nutrition company Nourished.

“Ensure you're getting adequate restorative sleep to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day,” Snover tells Evie Magazine. “Create a calm evening routine, including avoiding screens before bedtime, optimizing your sleep environment, and allowing yourself sufficient time for relaxation and unwinding.”

Skip the TikToks and grab a book instead before you lay your head on the pillow. (And if you’re not sure what to read this fall, check out this list of 15 books to get you in your fall feels.)

Of course, there are other ways you can set yourself up for success the night before. It just takes a little bit more prep. Mindset and wellness expert Sonia Jhas, author of I’ll Start Again Tomorrow: And Other Lies I’ve Told Myself, tells Evie Magazine that she recommends tackling your morning “have-tos” the night before.

“Some items on my list include packing lunch(es), getting dressed, and making sure everyone has all the ‘stuff’ they need for the day. Instead of scrambling to get all of this done in the morning, I tackle it at night – lunches get prepped, outfits are laid out,” Jhas says. “This helps me feel calmer and more grounded when I wake up and also frees up mental space and time in the morning for ‘want-to’s’ like listening to an audiobook, enjoying a quiet coffee, or squeezing in a workout.”

Move Your Body

Summer’s over, which means you’ll no longer break a sweat just by stepping foot outside. However, it’s still important to break a sweat! Props to you if you’re able to go to a morning workout class – but if your schedule is cramped, even a 5-minute yoga routine is worth it.

“Creating a healthie­r and more enjoyable morning routine­ during the fall season is all about finding balance and making mindful choice­s,” says Dr. Kevin Huffman, CEO of On the Rocks Climbing Gym. “For women, it's important to prioritize self-care. You can start your day with some gentle­ stretching or yoga, which can help wake up your body and improve­ flexibility, especially as the­ weather gets coole­r.”

If you can get exercise and sunlight at the same time, that’s even better, Huffman says. “If possible, try taking your e­xercise outdoors to soak in some natural vitamin D and e­njoy the beautiful fall foliage,” he tells Evie Magazine. “A brisk morning walk or jog in the­ crisp air can invigorate your senses and se­t a positive tone for the re­st of the day.”

Try Light Therapy

But what if early morning sunlight isn’t an option for you? Depending on where you live, the days can get short very quickly, which can give rise to Seasonal Affective Disorder. A great way to fight SAD (yes, that’s really the acronym) is to use a “happy light,” says certified life, health, and wellness coach Andrea Perry.

“If you find it hard to wake up and get going during the darker months (or if you have Seasonal Affective Disorder), getting a happy light can help,” Perry tells Evie Magazine. “These types of lights mimic natural sunshine and help improve energy and mood.”

Wondering if a happy light is right for you? The Mayo Clinic advises that you talk to your healthcare provider or eye specialist before using one everyday.

Change Up Your Skincare

The changing seasons mean it’s time to change up your skincare to something that will really lock in moisture

“Cold weather plus indoor heating equals dry, tired-looking skin,” Perry says. “Now is a great time to get a new face and/or body moisturizer to try out and keep your skin looking healthy and fresh! It's also your first barrier against pathogens, so keeping it in tip-top shape is a must during cold and flu season.”

If you’re interested in clean skincare, check out online beauty emporium Credo. But if you’re really committed to kicking toxic ingredients to the curb, you may want to try out beef tallow products from a company like Clara & Fritz. They even have a pumpkin spice whipped tallow balm. Now that sounds cozy.

Lean into Fall Flavors

You can’t talk about fall without mentioning its amazing flavors – sweet maple, caramel apple, and, of course, pumpkin spice. But save the sugary pumpkin spice latte as an occasional treat and try switching to something healthier in the morning. Since we all want something warm to sip on, Perry recommends a turmeric latte.

“They have numerous health benefits due to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of curcumin. These warm drinks often include aromatic spices such as cinnamon (a natural blood sugar stabilizer) and ginger as well. It can easily be made without dairy or refined sugar too,” she tells Evie Magazine.

You can make a turmeric latte with or without an espresso shot – find a recipe with coffee here and a recipe without here. Or you can skip the fuss and try a premade blend.

But women cannot live on lattes alone. A healthy breakfast is key, says Snover, who is a registered nutritionist. “Choose wholesome foods like seasonal fruits, whole grain oats, and warm herbal teas to provide a balanced mix of nutrients and keep you feeling satisfied throughout the morning,” she says.

To me, nothing says fall like baking with pumpkin. I recently made this Modern Minimalism recipe for no-sugar-added pumpkin banana bread that both my infant daughter and I have been eating for breakfast. And if you want something a little more sinful, check out my grandmother’s sweet potato muffin recipe I shared in my newsletter recently.

Immerse Your Senses in All Things Cozy

Immerse all of your senses in fall as part of your morning routine. Choose a day to go all out and get really cozy – Saturday would be my pick! Life coach Andrena Liu has some great suggestions for using all your senses to soak in fall.

“One of my favorite ways to enjoy a slow morning is to stream a fireplace video on YouTube that has classical background music,” Liu tells Evie Magazine. “There’s something about the warmth of seeing a fireplace crackle, paired with classical music that just sets the mood for a calm and enjoyable morning.”

“To really create an enjoyable ambiance, try enhancing all five of your senses. Light a pumpkin-scented candle, make a comforting bowl of oatmeal with maple, cinnamon and pecans, stream a fireplace on YouTube with classical background music, and enjoy some alone time in the morning wearing your favorite fluffy robe,” Liu continues.

Yes, the sounds of fall are rustling leaves and crackling campfires, but the music of fall can put you in just as good a mood. Create a playlist with all of the artists and songs that remind you of fall – you can be as on the nose as Vivaldi’s Autumn concerto or pick more recent artists who many people associate with fall like Carole King (Gilmore Girls, hello!), Nat King Cole ("Autumn Leaves" is a classic), and Coldplay (leaves turn "Yellow" in the fall, don’t they?).

Make the Most of Fall

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