How To Actually Look Cute In Mom Jeans This Summer

Millennials have witnessed quite a few of our childhood trends returning to fashion recently, but few are as polarizing as the mom jeans.

By Erica Jimenez3 min read
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As a connoisseur of French style, I am firmly in the pro-mom jeans camp. I wasn’t always though. As someone who is very petite, I spent a long time being absolutely terrified of wearing anything that wasn’t super fitted, lest I accidentally disappear inside the folds.

But I have learned that you really must just take the time to find the right pair of jeans for you and then style them correctly, and anyone can pull them off! With that in mind, I’ll be outlining exactly how to find the right mom jeans for you and cute ideas on how to style them! 

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How To Pick Out the Right Mom Jeans

1. Fit

Just because mom jeans are looser than your average jeans doesn’t mean all fitting rules go out the window. I would argue that the opposite, in fact, is the case: the baggier the jeans, the more the fit matters! Since the legs are loose, we’ll want to pay close attention mainly to how the waist and butt fit.

Traditionally, mom jeans are made with thick, non-stretch denim. So you’re probably going to want a slightly looser fit than you’re used to with stretchy jeans. The waist should fit but not be cutting-into-you-tight. Remember that your torso gets wider when you sit down (hi, breathing) so if it’s tight when you’re standing, it will be unbearable when you’re sitting down. 

What we’re looking for in the butt department is a pair of jeans that “snatches” the booty. In other words, it lifts your butt and gives it good definition. That way, even if the thighs are baggy, you’re still showing off your figure! Here’s an example:

I have personally had great luck with Levi’s ribcage jeans, but if you want to look into other options, I recommend checking out Logan Rae Hill’s videos on midsize jeans and Maxey Greene’s favorite jeans for plus-size ladies.

2. Length

The danger with looser clothing is that we lose length and definition in our figure. So length is very important when choosing the right pants. As a general rule, pants that stop right at your ankle or a little above will always be more flattering than longer pants. Here’s an example of pants that are too long and look messy.

Meanwhile, these pants which are several inches shorter and allow a peek of the ankle are much more flattering and feminine. 

If you’re having trouble finding pants that are exactly the length you want, don’t forget that cuffing them is always a good option! There are several cute ways to cuff your jeans, especially if you’re petite and can never find pants the right length!

3. Color

Acid wash jeans have had a long moment, but in this case, it’s time to retire them. Instead, opt for a true blue or a faded blue. Deeper blues are more neutral and easy to pair with lots of items in your closet. Plus, it's a real taste of Americana right in time for the summer.

Found the perfect jeans and ready to hit "add to cart"? Here’s how to complete your look.

Styling Your Mom Jeans

1. Throw On Some Nude Heels

The challenge when styling loose or baggy pants is that they can tend to make you look short and squat. So your choice of shoes is everything! Stay away from flats, wide shoes, or anything that makes your ankles look small. 

Instead, opt for a nude or strappy heel that elongates your leg and gives your ankles room to shine! There’s no need for 4” heels here, just a small kitten heel is enough to fool the eyes.

For Your Closet: Marc Fisher Headway Sandals, $89

2. Pair Them with a Bodysuit

 If you feel like you’re disappearing inside those voluminous pants, might we suggest a bodysuit? The benefits are many, from not having to worry about keeping your shirt tucked in, to enjoying a sleek and slimming silhouette that emphasizes your feminine curves. Add a belt to further emphasize your waistline and complete the look.

For Your Closet: Abercrombie Cotton Seamless Fabric Tank Bodysuit, $39

3. Stick to the Basics

While jeans and a t-shirt may feel like the ultimate lazy outfit, it’s actually a recipe for perfect chic leisure when done right. Invest in a nice shirt (even if Macklemore makes fun of you for it) and try some simple French styling tricks like cuffing the sleeves or doing the French tuck.

What’s the French tuck, you ask? Only the ultimate style weapon. Simply tuck in a small part of the front of your shirt, leaving the rest out, making it appear effortless yet chic. Remember, we want to slim down our waist, not hide underneath a shapeless tee. You’ll be amazed at what a good French tuck can do!

For Your Closet: Quince Cotton Modal Crew Neck Tee, $15

4. When in Doubt, Go Linen

Linen is the ultimate material for summer, as it’s lightweight, naturally wicks moisture, and gets softer the more often it’s washed. Not only is a linen shirt the height of French chic, but it’s also a cool and simple way to keep the sun off your arms without having to wear toxic sunscreen. Allow me to say, win-win?

For Your Closet: Uniqlo Premium Linen Long-Sleeve Shirt, $30

5. Try Blue on Blue

Think of this as denim-on-denim’s sophisticated older sister. After all, monochromatic outfits are totally in right now. Blue is a lovely cool color for the hot summer days, and it’s a great neutral background for more fun accessories. Dress it up with a colorful purse or sparkling gold jewelry. 

For Your Closet: Banana Republic Classic Cotton Shirt, $55

Closing Thoughts

There you have it, the ultimate guide to rocking your ‘90s mom jeans this summer! Every girl deserves a pair of jeans that make her feel like a million bucks, and I hope these tips will help you find those magical pants. Happy shopping!

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