How Dismantling Patriarchy Opens The Door To Big Government

By Julie Mastrine··  3 min read
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Modern feminists tell us patriarchy oppresses women. They say women should be free from needing male protection and financial support. Instead, women should pursue careers, have casual sex, feel no pressure to marry, and take care of themselves.

Sadly, modern feminism not only harms women, but it also goes hand-in-hand with calls for more government control. Dismantling patriarchy leaves women vulnerable — and demands for socialism increase as a result.

Without Patriarchal Men, Women Turn to Government

The rotten fruit of feminism’s message — that women can be fully independent and don’t need men — is all around us. Marriage rates are at historic lows. Women now hold more jobs than men in the U.S. workforce. Single motherhood has reached alarming levels. Meanwhile, we’re also seeing a massive uptick in young women’s support for socialism. Why?

Feminism demanded that men stop being protectors and providers. Amid the harmful idea that women can do it all alone, many women now are in the role of provider themselves. They bear full responsibility for child-rearing and are expected to work full time, all without a man.

In a society where women can’t expect male support, a massive government safety net looks appealing.

Socialism promises to help. With its shiny promises of guaranteed income for all, free state-run childcare, free education, free healthcare, and more, it’s no mystery why the majority of women, left adrift by a feminist culture, say they’d prefer to live in a socialist country than a capitalist one. In a society where women can’t expect male support, a massive government safety net surely looks appealing.

Meanwhile, the majority of men say they would prefer to live in a capitalist country. Why? The difference is clear: women have a natural desire to be provided for, while men have a natural desire to provide. Capitalism allows men to earn for themselves; socialism promises to provide. 

Of course, socialism doesn’t actually fulfill its promise — instead, it opens the door to poverty, violence, and bread lines.

Patriarchy Liberates Women

As much as feminists may not like to admit it, women are more liberated under a culture of patriarchy, a system in which men feel a duty to protect and provide. Being cared for by a man may also temper the desire for a socialist government.

Women and children rely on men for protection and resources out of sheer biological need.

The traditional model is not just a social construct, either. Women and children rely on men for protection and resources out of sheer biological need. Women are physically weaker, making them more vulnerable to violence and exploitation from bad men. Women also experience pregnancy — a beautiful and incredible gift — and when we have small children, we’re less able to go out and earn lots of money. Patriarchy makes sure we’re taken care of during this wonderful — yet taxing! — time, so that we can focus on our uniquely feminine gift — the ability to nurture new life.

While a feminist society tells men they no longer must feel a duty to provide for women and children, the need for this role doesn’t go away. A vacuum is created — one that’s often filled with calls for a bigger State. 

Closing Thoughts

With no pressure on men to fulfill their traditional role, many women seek a surrogate provider in the government. Women will always fare better when the men in our lives, not the State, help us with the basic realities of life. It’s a complementary relationship in which each sex gives back to and supports the other. 

Women should ask ourselves: do we want the indifferent, unfeeling, dysfunctional State in the role of provider and protector, or a man who loves, cares for, and commits to us and our children? The choice should be easy.

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