Here Are 14 Things Your Man Would Appreciate For Valentine’s Day More Than A Wrapped Gift

You’re either an unashamed, unapologetic Valentine’s Day lover, or you’re not. Part of hating the holiday that was supposedly invented by chocolate box, flower, and greeting card companies is the pressure you feel when faced with what to give your man. Certainly not a new tie, which will hang out in the closet for all eternity after he opens it, or a generic card that will get tossed in the trash later on.

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You should celebrate your spouse every day that you’re together, but there’s something endearing and even a bit corny about Valentine’s Day which makes it so fun to observe. It’s a day to love being in love, and what romantic worth their salt doesn’t like that? You may be staring down the barrel of buying yet another mediocre gift your husband will pretend to love to spare your feelings, but never fear. You can give many gifts on Valentine’s Day that are memorable and won’t break the bank, and it is possible to celebrate the holiday without (literally) buying into the shameless commercialism of it all. Here are 14 things your man would appreciate for Valentine’s Day more than a wrapped gift.

1. Sex

Maybe this one is a bit too on the nose for Valentine’s Day, but it’s a gift your husband definitely won’t turn down. In honor of the holiday, try spicing things up, whether it’s doing the deed in an unconventional (but still private!) location, or getting things going with some racy text message foreplay. Anything out of the ordinary is on the table, as long as you’re both game. Sex is not just a gift for your man, but a gift for you too. Intimacy is special and unifying any day of the week, but turn things up a notch for the day that’s all about love.

2. A Massage (from You)

You can schedule a couple’s massage with professional masseuses any time, but when was the last time you took the initiative to take charge of your husband's satisfaction? Light some candles, turn on a diffuser, warm some oil or hot stones – the possibilities are limitless. Turn your bedroom into a spa and make your spouse the main event. You don’t have to be an expert for him to enjoy it. Take your time and connect with one another through touch and relaxation. You can always negotiate payment afterward.

3. His Favorite Meal

Use Valentine’s Day as the excuse to become a culinary expert for a night, especially if cooking isn’t your strong suit. He’s worth it! A meal doesn’t have to be expensive or overly complicated to be delicious. If he’s always asking for a labor-intensive dish on a weeknight that you only make for special occasions, break it out this time. Meals made with love taste better than any five-course dinner at the fanciest of restaurants.

4. You in Lingerie

If your husband has to unwrap a gift, why not unwrap you? Investing in lingerie is a great excuse to take yourself shopping and embrace your inner seductress. Whatever style you go for – the ingenue and femme fatale archetypes come to mind – acknowledge your sexuality as an essential facet of your femininity, spray some perfume, dress up to get dressed down, and put on a show. Being comfortable and confident in your own skin is the sexiest you can be, but a scandalous pair of undergarments never hurts to help show off what you have.

5. A Handwritten Love Letter

Literary icon and romance expert Jane Austen advised us to “never underestimate the power of a well-written letter,” and we should heed those words. If you’re lacking inspiration or not much of a writing buff, you can even turn to love letters from famous historical figures to get your creative buzz going. From Beethoven to Abigail Adams to Johnny Cash, you’re sure to find encouragement on how to address your beloved.

6. An Afternoon at the Shooting Range

Letting off some steam could be just what your beau needs, and practicing marksmanship can be the way to do it. Turn your visit to the range into an afternoon date, and make things interesting if you’re so inclined…loser buys dinner, or winner gets the favor of their choice. You can practice your firearm safety and trade flirty jabs and banter at the same time.

7. An Adventurous Experience with Friends

Letting your man be his most masculine self on an afternoon excursion is both a memorable way to commemorate the holiday and a way to show that you adore him just as he is, even if you don’t love his hobbies – especially if it’s a pastime he rarely gets to do. You can even organize the outing so his buddies and friends can attend (don’t forget to pack them a picnic basket), leaving you to relax at home while they enjoy an outing axe throwing, beer tasting, hiking, camping, rock climbing, or other manly experience.

8. Get His Car Detailed

Getting a car detailed is an underrated experience – it’s a splurge and not really a necessity, but you’ll definitely enjoy the results. Unless your husband is a neat freak, his car could probably do with a good thorough cleaning, and why do it yourself when you could pay an expert to?

9. A Romantic Night Away

This one might require some planning, but it’s definitely worth it in the end. Even if it’s a staycation to a hotel 20 minutes away, different scenery can be a nice change of pace for you both. Book a room for one night only, enjoy a romantic dinner or a long walk, and see where the night takes you.

10. A Brokerage Account To Buy Stocks

If your man is frugal like a lot of men are, he won’t be super excited about a wrapped gift or another expense he won’t enjoy in the long run. But, giving him an account to buy stocks with plus some funds to play around with could be the brain teaser he needs to have some fun for a change. Buying stocks may sound intimidating, but you don’t need to take the complicated route. Even if it’s something as simple as setting up an account for him with a basic stock-buying app, he’ll appreciate the thought.

11. Doing His Least Favorite Chore

Taking out the trash or unloading the dishwasher might be your least favorite chore as well as his, but lighten his load for a week – no gift wrap needed.

12. His Favorite Alcoholic Beverage

Nothing says class and elegance like a nice bottle of liquor. Bonus points if you can find an experience for the both of you to enjoy, like a bar crawl or curated whiskey tasting guided by an expert. 

13. A Day at the Golf Course

I had to go to an actual man to understand this one – according to a friend, women have mani/pedis and men have golf. They’re both equally relaxing and just the right amount of bougie. As a woman, I don’t pretend to understand the fascination with it, but if your man enjoys a game of 18 holes with his friends, schedule a lesson with him or an afternoon on the course for a change of pace from his normal routine.

14. Gift Card for a Custom Suit

Nothing makes people stop dead in their tracks like a man in a well-made suit. Any man can go to a warehouse chain and buy a suit off the rack, but one that’s expertly tailored to his specific measurements sets a man apart from the rest. Tailored suits can be a bit on the pricier side, but they last a lifetime and are well worth the investment. 

Closing Thoughts

It’s nice to spoil your man any day of the year, but Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to go all out. Your gift doesn’t have to be wrapped to be meaningful – give him a present that’s sincere, thoughtful, and intentional, and he’s sure to return the favor.

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