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Healthy Habits To Help You Achieve Your New Year's Goals!

By Lexi Atkins·· 3 min read
Healthy Habits to Achieve Your New Year Goals!

With the new year in full swing, it’s important to start healthy habits now to ensure our year is filled with health, happiness, and abundance.

Out of everything we can incorporate in our new year’s routine, there are a few core things that it seems all successful and happy individuals have in common:

They Make Their Bed

It’s essential to make your bed not only to have a clean environment but to start your day with success. How we do anything is how we do everything. Many studies even show that getting into the routine of making your bed every morning can be correlated with increased productivity. This routine can be a keystone habit that sparks chain reactions to unfold other productive habits. If we start our day with excellence, we will come home at the end of the day full circle to success.

They Stay Hydrated

While we sleep, our body is slowly becoming dehydrated. Our brain is 80% water, so it's crucial for us to rehydrate our bodies after our slumbers. Drinking at least 8 oz of room temperature water first thing in the morning will help our bodies get us on the right track for the day!

They Stay Flexible

It’s important to get the blood flowing through our body so we can wake up our system. When we move, we're kick-starting our energy levels and creating adequate blood flow through our bodies. This adequate blood flow helps our concentration and sharpens our senses.

Before you head out the door, stretch and center yourself for the rush of the day. “Stretching Sworkit” and “Flexibility” are both awesome apps you can download that have free stretching techniques/workouts for you to follow along. You can also do a search on YouTube for stretching inspiration, tips, and tricks!

They Eat Breakfast

It’s important to start our day fueled with the essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need. It's recommended to stick to light meals in the morning so we can slowly wake up our digestive system, all while making sure we're fueled for the day. When we're hungry, it's hard to concentrate, and that’s the last thing we want to deal with during our busy days.

Great healthy options for breakfast would be:

  • Organic green juice (example: cucumber, celery, apple, lemon)

  • Bulletproof coffee (example organic coffee, ghee/grass-fed butter, and organic coconut oil/MCT oil)

  • Organic protein smoothie (example: protein powder, kale, banana, hemp seeds, almond milk, gelatinized maca powder)

They Journal

While we enjoy our breakfast, it’s an excellent opportunity to spend some time journaling. Journaling our thoughts and expressing gratitude in our lives will center ourselves and get the proper perspective before heading out the door. Many geniuses even recommend journaling or they journaled themselves such as Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, and Marie Curie.

Closing Thoughts

Having a routine, especially first thing in the morning, is essential to set our day properly. If we follow these few simple steps, we can bring ourselves more success in the New Year!


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