Hair Goals: The Products You Need To Create Your Perfect Look

By Mandie Brice··  3 min read
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Hair Goals The Products You Need To Create Your Perfect Look

Have hair goals? We all do! Here's what you need to make a few dreamy styles a reality - even without a stylist!

Beach Waves

Dreaming of a beachy, relaxed 'do all year round? You don't need the beach! There are a few ways to accomplish this look, even if you live far from the ocean!

If you're able to plan ahead for it, and are good at French braiding your own hair, one of my favorite tricks is to apply some leave-in conditioner, and, parting my hair in a different spot than I usually do, put my hair in two French braids the night before I want the beach waves. This is also a great way to give your hair a break from heat styling!

beachy waves hair product/tool

In the morning, make sure your hair has dried completely (you may need to use a blow dryer briefly if your hair is really thick or you didn't sleep long enough), and take out the braids. Shake your head upside-down to give body, and part your hair where you usually part it. Because your hair was parted differently last night, you should have volume from changing the direction! Then add a sea salt spray, like Bumble & Bumble's Solid & Striped Surf Spray, for texture (and the amazing beachy scents!).

If you either can't plan ahead or can't braid, the Sultra Bombshell curling wand is super easy to use to create effortless waves!

Straight and Sleek

Prefer something a little more sophisticated? If you want a straight and sleek look, start with a thermal protectant, like the Moroccan Oil Perfect Defense spray, and grab your flat iron - my favorite is from Infrashine, which is great for curling or straightening hair, and does some magic with the cuticle that improves shine!

straight and sleek hair product/tool

Pin almost all of your hair up, and flatiron your combed hair in sections, starting at the bottom and working your way up! Use the original Moroccan Oil (or light, if you're a light blonde) on your ends to keep them healthy and smooth, and you're ready to go!

Old Hollywood Glam

Are you feeling like a sexy starlet, or do you want to? If so, the Old Hollywood Glam look might be in order! First, apply a heat protectant to keep your hair safe.

Use a curling iron or wand (my favorite brands are T3 and Hot Tools) that's one to two inches thick, depending on the length of your hair and how loose you want your curls to be. The sections you curl should be about as wide as your iron, as a general rule. Curl the two front pieces in a direction away from your face, and continue curling until it is all curled! Use a medium hold hairspray while your curls cool/set.

old hollywood glam hair product/tool

Use a Mason-Pearson brush (if you have one, or the same type of style if you don't) to brush the curls once they are cooled, into soft, glamorous waves.

An optional tip would be to spray a light shine spray over the top after you brush it through to boost the star quality without weighing your hair down. One of my favorites is Drybar's Sparkling Soda Spray!

Closing Tips

Now that you know the basics and what products and tools you need, you can start experimenting with these looks, like putting your beach waves, straight strands, or glam curls in a high ponytail. The options are endless, so be creative and - most importantly - own your look with confidence!

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