Gwyneth Paltrow Awkwardly Jokes With Hailey Bieber About Having Sex With Her Father: "I F**ked Your Dad In The Bathroom"

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Model and entrepreneur Hailey Bieber has 1.76 million followers on YouTube, where she hosts a show called "Who's in my Bathroom?" Her latest guest is Goop founder and award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who made an off-color joke about having sex with Hailey's father.

Hailey's skincare line called Rhode was just recently launched, and she's been using her YouTube page to show behind-the-scenes footage of her brand. She also has a series on her page called "Who's in my Bathroom?" which features various guests on different topics. Actress and head of Goop Gwyneth Paltrow joined Hailey most recently to make smoothies and talk about skincare. But there was an odd exchange between the two that made some people's skin crawl.

Gwyneth Paltrow Awkwardly Jokes with Hailey Bieber about Having Sex with Her Father

Hailey and Gwyneth discussed the role of nepotism in Hollywood and admitted that the "playing field is not level" when you have a parent who is already in the industry. Gwyneth says people can "unfairly" be given opportunities because of who they're related to, but she also claims that it's just as difficult to be taken seriously and achieve success when your foot is already in the door.

But before they got into the meat of the episode, Gwyneth told Hailey as they were sitting down that she knew her dad and her uncles. "That's my favorite thing that people say to me," Hailey said with a smile. "Any stories?"

Gwyneth said she did a "tiny independent movie" with Hailey's dad, Stephen Baldwin, when she was only 20 years old. She said Stephen was "great" and "so nice." Hailey joked, "Imagine if you had some horror story." And Gwyneth took that as an invitation to invent one.

"If I, like, f**ked your dad in the bathroom," Gwyneth said and laughed out loud.

"I have had that happen," Hailey said awkwardly.

The two uncomfortably laughed, and Hailey changed the subject to talk about a mint chocolate chip smoothie that they were going to make together. It was a brief exchange, but an intensely awkward one that the internet can't stop talking about.

At least the smoothie they made afterwards looked delicious. It included protein powder, mint leaves, almond butter, dates, and banana.

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