Chic Gift Ideas To Bring The Hostess That Aren't A Bottle Of Wine

When it comes to entertaining for the Holidays, many party-goers want to spoil their host with fine wines or a classic bouquet of festive flowers.

By Noelle Ottinger2 min read
Christmas gift ideas

While there's definitely nothing wrong with a good bottle of Merlot, we suggest you stand out from the crowd and venture into the world of giving—with a twist.

Floral Apron

Cooking can be a messy task - so give the hostess something she can protect her party dress with and still look beautiful. A statement apron is always a great choice.

Brightland Lemon Olive Oil

All good things come in beautifully crafted and artistic packages, right? This delicious blend of lemon and hand-picked heirloom olives will be sure to make an excellent addition to the host’s table!

Manuka Honey

The most luxurious and rare form of honey available, Manuka honey is renowned for its natural healing properties. Perfect for on top of a piece of toast or stirred into your morning tea.

Warming Bread Blanket

This blanket helps keep the bread warm and fresh for much longer than the traditional napkin. Just heat the removable flax-seed filled pack in the microwave, place in the pouch with the bread, and enjoy perfectly warm bread at dinner.

Urban Outfitters Mushroom Cheese Board

As a prelude to your main holiday gourmet feast, wow your host with a gift of cuteness overload with this cheese board molded in the shape of a mushroom.

Lavender Cleansing Hand Wash by L’Occitane

Spruce up your host’s hand-washing routine by delivering a luscious blend of lavender to soothe and cleanse their attendees’ hands—because we all know the best gift to give is holiday cheer, not a handful of germs!

A Bouquet of Soap Rose Petals

An elegant and fun alternative to traditional bottled soap, these soap petals come in the shape of realistic rosebuds and are scented like the flowers they resemble. They can be placed in a bowl and used as decorative potpourri, or use a few petals for single-use hand washing.

Luxardo Maraschino Cherries

Luxardo Maraschino Cherries are the gold standard of the syrupy sweet treat, perfect for garnish in the host's holiday cocktails. They are made with Italian sour marasca cherries preserved in the fruit's famous liquer.

Fujifilm Instax Polaroid Camera

The holidays are meant for sharing food, conversation—and photos! Make your host feel special this year by leaving guests with a lifetime of memories of the merriment! This trendy camera comes with a selfie-mirror and constantly adjusting flash for the perfect lighting!

Vacuum Wine Sealer

There's nothing worse than an open bottle of wine going bad because you weren't able to seal it up properly. Save your hostess the after-party blues of trying to deal with half-finished bottles of wine, and get her a vacuum wine sealer! It will keep a bottle of wine fresh up to a week after it's been opened.

Warm Fuzzy Slippers

Help your host relax after a long day of shuffling around the kitchen by slipping into a pair of padded bedroom slippers. These slip-resistant unisex slippers will take the weight of entertaining off her feet and help her to get lost in the luxury of sweet release!

Portable Lunch Bowls

With every new holiday season comes new treats to savor, and with continuous usage, our dessert displays can turn dingy in a hurry. Surprise your host by transporting your sugar cookies in a reusable container they can take with them to the office—who said fashion couldn’t be functional?

Closing Thoughts

Much love and attention go into preparing a warm and memorable holiday gathering, and your host will most likely be showered with gifts of food and wine this year. These unique gifts are sure to outshine them all, so go ahead and get into the giving spirit—your host will never forget your thoughtfulness!