Graph Suggests Liberal Women Are Much More Likely To Report Sexual Harassment Than Conservative Women Are

An analyst created a graph that suggests political views may be correlated with a woman's likelihood to report sexual harassment. Apparently, the more liberal a woman is in her political leaning, the higher the chance she'll report some kind of sexual harassment.

By Gina Florio2 min read
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The rise of the #MeToo movement opened many people's eyes to the sexism and misogyny that is present in some workplaces, particularly in industries like Hollywood. However, it also raised some concerns about the veracity of such accusations. After all, if there is no evidence to prove sexual abuse or harassment, isn't it much harder to confirm that such a thing took place? A graph was shared on Twitter that suggests political affiliation may be related to the likelihood of a woman reporting sexual harassment.

Graph Suggests Liberal Women Are Much More Likely To Report Sexual Harassment Than Conservative Women Are

We're told that sexual harassment is rampant all over the country and that women are always in danger of being abused by men, whether it's on a college campus or in an office. But @monitoringbias shared a graph that was created by Zach Goldberg, a Paulson Policy Analyst at the Manhattan Institute. It showed the percentage of women who have reported an experience of sexual harassment, separating them into several categories: extremely liberal, slightly liberal, slightly conservative, extremely conservative, liberal, moderate, and conservative.

You might not be surprised to learn that there are stark differences between the women who identify on the left end of the spectrum compared to the women on the other end. 71.74% of extremely liberal women have reported sexual harassment, compared to 26.92% of conservative women.

Even the difference between extremely liberal and liberal women reporting sexual harassment is vast. Only 46.94% of liberal women reported sexual harassment, which is almost 30% less than extremely liberal women. There was a slight increase of extremely conservative women who reported sexual harassment, 27.59%, compared to conservative women.

It's also worth noting that most, if not all, of the celebrities who are staunchly in support of the #MeToo movement are also very liberal. They uphold progressive ideologies, such as abortion on-demand, sexual promiscuity, and women performing freely in pornography and OnlyFans. They are always the ones screaming about the oppression of the patriarchy. Is it a coincidence that they're all liberal, perhaps even extremely liberal?

Of course, this is only one graph, probably from one set of data, and it doesn't necessarily represent the entire nation's rates of sexual harassment reports. However, it is interesting to look at it and wonder if there is something about the extremely liberal mindset that facilitates being easily offended by just about anything that men will say or do.