Whether You’re Blair Or Serena, You Need To Steal These ‘Gossip Girl’ Winter Outfit Ideas

By Nicole Andre
·  5 min read
gossip girl winter fashion

Check your calendars, Upper East Siders, winter will be here before you know it. You wouldn’t want to be caught without the perfect coat. Luckily, as my early holiday gift to you all, I’m sharing the winter outfits for the inspiration you need. Happy shopping! Xoxo, Gossip Girl.

I absolutely love Gossip Girl, and I don’t usually like dramas. But this one is so well done, that somehow the ever-present drama of the plot hasn’t gotten old. That said, I'll let you in on a little secret: one of the big reasons I watch Gossip Girl is for fashion inspiration. The costume designer Eric Daman, who also did the famously fabulous costumes for Sex in the City, did an amazing job.

Gossip Girl did winter fashion perfectly and because of the personality and stylistic differences between the characters, there’s something that will work for everybody.

A Look for Ice Skating in Central Park (or at Your Local Rink)

blair ice skating plaid skirt pompoms gossip girl

If you’re comfortable on the ice, you could go for a skirt like Blair did, with some thick white tights on underneath to help keep warm. If not, try turning to a pink and white color scheme instead. An easy way to go for a similar look yourself is to wear a white beret like this one.

For a very Waldorf-esque touch, you can even make your own pom-poms for your skates. If not, you could always trip someone with your skate to feel more like Blair. (Just kidding! Please be kind this holiday season.)

Look Effortlessly Chic While Grabbing Your Morning Coffee

serena black coat blue scarf winter gossip girl

Serena is the queen of effortless chic. One of her most common looks is a big colorful scarf. Accessories can take your very basic black coat, tights, and boots and elevate them into something people can’t help but compliment. 

If you have a mostly neutral wardrobe, try adding pops of color with a big scarf. It won’t look like it took much effort, and it doesn’t, but it will look chic all the same. Adding in another small touch, like coordinating the handle of the bag with the color of the scarf, will make it just that much chicer.

serena black coat orange yellow pattern scarf winter gossip girl

Here Serena is again seen in a similar formula: black coat, black tights, black shoes (although this time they’re leather oxfords), and the scarf. Yet, it feels like a completely different look because of the way she accessorized it.

A Coordinated Look for Pretending You’re Spending the Holidays in Paris

blair trench coat red purple accessories winter gossip girl

If you want your winter outfits to stand apart from the rest, take a page from Queen B’s playbook and employ very thoughtful color coordination. She takes what could be a very basic trench coat and makes use of the red collar by having all of her accessories in that same color family. 

She makes use of the red collar by having all of her accessories in that same color family. 

If you spend time picking out coordinating accessories, your mainly neutral winter outfits will turn into something special. And again, if you like Blair’s put-together vibe, a beret is her go-to winter accessory. Blair speaks fluent French and her oft-worn berets bring a little bit of Paris into the Upper East Side around the holidays. You’ll just need some macarons to feel completely transported.

The Simple Look Perfect for Dinner at Your Grandparents’ House

serena long winter coat brass buttons knee high boots winter gossip girl

Serena’s winter looks tend to be much more neutral than Blair’s. A neutral coat and riding boots is a classic combo perfect for looking presentable when you go over for holiday dinner. And every part of her outfit from the coat on top to the tights underneath are staples that will last you season after season. You’ll never find yourself asking, “Why on earth did I buy this?”

An Outfit To Put You in the Spirit While Christmas Shopping

blair red winter coat black tote winter gossip girl

Blair is not one to shy away from color. Her winter wardrobe tends to consist of amazing coat after amazing coat. And her accessories are chic while adding practicality: black leather gloves and tights for warmth, and a handbag for carrying her essentials. A winter look fit for a queen — of the Upper East Side that is. 

Don’t underestimate the power of a bright red coat for bringing in the spirit of the holidays. Perfect for Christmas shopping!

A Look for Heading into the Office in the Morning

serena work outfit coat detailing winter gossip girl

Serena had a lot of different jobs over the years, but no matter which one she had at this point, it’s a look that says businesswoman coming through. Her stylish grey coat has detailing that makes this look more than just basic workwear. Find a coat with some neutral detailing, throw it over your normal workwear uniform, and bam, you have Gossip Girl level style that’s office approved.

The Outfit for When It’s Snowing

blair blue beret plaid coat snowing boyfriend winter gossip girl

Her plaid coat is something you can wear from season to season, but it’s the accessories that make this look. The tights, scarf, and bag are all pretty simple, but her blue beret just adds that extra special touch. This scene was seriously so cute! 

Her plaid coat is something you could wear from season to season.

If you have a boyfriend or a husband I guarantee that spending a little time on your winter accessories will lend itself to the perfect romantic holiday photos. I mean how dreamy is this shot? And if you aren’t in a relationship, you can still take some really fun photos with your girlfriends. Spoiler: the outfits will look just as fabulous.

Closing Thoughts

If you’ve ever heard that saying about living your life like you’re the main character, know that it absolutely applies to fashion as well. Take inspiration from these outfits, and you’re sure to feel like your look is worthy of being spotted as Gossip Girl updates the Upper East Side on your life. (Side note: maybe we’re all lucky nobody really does that. It sounds exhausting.) 

The point is while a lot of people can feel dreary putting on the same raincoat and boots day after day in the thick of winter, smart accessory choices and use of color might give you just the boost you need to shake off the winter blues. That’s all for today. You know you love me. Xoxo, Gossip Girl.