Gigi Hadid Insists Her 2-Year-Old Daughter Won't Be Doing Any Modeling As A Child

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Supermodel Gigi Hadid comes from a family of models, but in an interview with InStyle, she made it pretty clear that she doesn't expect her daughter to model anytime soon, especially during her childhood.

Gigi and singer Zayn Malik welcomed their daughter Khai into the world in September 2020, and although she and Zayn have since broken up, sources say that they are happily coparenting. Both of them have been fairly private about their family and daughter, and Gigi said in a recent interview that she intends to keep things that way.

Gigi Hadid Insists Her 2-Year-Old Daughter Won't Be Doing Any Modeling As a Child

Most people know Gigi's modeling career started when she was a teenager, but she shared that she actually started modeling for Baby Guess when she was a child. "But I don't really remember my childhood modeling. It was more something that was fun for me because I got to play in the sand. My mom took me out of it before I realized it, so it never got to my head," she said.

When the interviewer asked if her daughter Khai would be featured in a Baby Guess campaign anytime soon, she responded decisively, "Yeah. No. You know, she's going to do what she wants to do. She could be an astronaut. I don't know."

Gigi also gushed about the joys of motherhood. "I still can't believe it," she said. "It's wild. A lot of my mom friends feel like that, and we're nearing the first couple years [with our kids]. You're obsessed with them, but sometimes you turn and you're like, 'Oh my god. Where did you come from?'"

As much as she enjoys motherhood, she knows the importance of taking some time for herself and going to dinner with other mom friends.

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