Getting Your Clothes Tailored Is The Secret To Looking Like A Million Bucks

By Nea Logan
·  4 min read
Getting Your Clothes Tailored Is The Secret To Looking Like A Million Bucks

We’ve all experienced an outfit that has let us down. It looked amazing on the rack, and the department store mannequin was absolutely killing it. But then you dare to try it on, only to look in the mirror and see a potato sack staring back at you.

Truth is, it’s not actually you. It’s your approach to buying apparel. And for many of us, that has changed from how our grandmothers shopped years ago. Once upon a time, you had your clothes custom made. Dressmakers, tailors, and seamstresses were in high demand as every lady sought the trendiest of threads to fit their figure. Today, few ladies consult an actual tailor except for weddings and pageants, and yet we wonder why a fit of frustration follows after leaving the dressing room or ordering online.

Looking great is a labor of love, and that means letting a tailor or seamstress show your new outfit some TLC. It’s time we return to this tried and true tenet of fashion and make our wardrobe work with us instead of against us. 

Just a few generations ago, you had your clothes custom made.

Before we begin, it’s critical to know who exactly should be making the cuts. offers a thorough explanation of these three similar but different professionals

  • A tailor repairs, modifies, and alters your apparel. They tighten up waistlines and inseams, but also repair holes and loose seams.

  • A step above the tailor, the seamstress can make your couture dreams come true. This professional does everything that a tailor can do, but she can actually make the outfit.

  • For embellishments and fully custom flair, you’ll consult the aid of a dressmaker. 

It Will Make You Look Slimmer

Looking a few pounds lighter is the immediate reason why women should go see a seamstress. But the prescription may not always be about “taking things in” a few inches. A tailor can shave off extra fabric that can add “phantom weight” to your frame. Sometimes you’ll see this in sleeves that are much too big or a pant inseam that’s too baggy.

A tailor can shave off extra fabric that can add “phantom weight” to your frame. 

You Will Floss a More Flattering Cut

Sometimes the sale season just completely fails to serve up that sweetheart neckline that you seek. A shirt-savvy seamstress can work in a specialty cut to turn your threads from blah to bodaciously beautiful. But keep in mind, there’s only so much tailoring that can be done to one garment before it’s recommended that you buy something new. 

Getting Stitched Can Save You Money

The great thing about having your clothes tailored is that you can take an existing piece and – for just the cost of the tailoring – have a piece that fits better. This is useful for us ladies who are worried about that dreaded shopping trip after losing weight. 

Tailoring Can Bring Your Throwback Threads New Life

Have you ever grown attached to an article of clothing like Linus is to his security blanket? If you’re married to a dress and can’t part from it, you can at least turn it into something trendier and fashion forward. Ask a seamstress to turn your old high school jeans into a pair of shorts.  

If you’re married to a dress and can’t part from it, you can at least turn it into something trendier.

You’ll WOW Everyone at Work

All the boardroom bombshells know that a great looking blazer or pantsuit needs the help of a trusted tailor to trim oversized cuffs and to create the slim cut that says success. So you don’t look like a child in an oversized jacket, be sure to make this investment to ace all of your interviews – at least in the fashion department. 

It Will Heighten Your Sense of Appreciation for Fashion

After having your garments tailored, you’ll appreciate your clothing so much more. You’ll also pay closer attention to the items you see on the department store rack, helping you make a more confident clothing choice that won’t need too much repair over time. 

Closing Thoughts

Tailored and custom-made clothing is a lost art that’s worth restoring. Clothing boutiques are a dime a dozen, but not all of them offer the quality craftsmanship of yesteryear. So it helps to know a sewing professional who can improve your image one stitch at a time. 

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