Get Ready For Nicole Kidman's New Series ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’

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nine perfect strangers nicole kidman

Is anyone else excited to see Nicole Kidman coming back to our screens?

The trailer for Nine Perfect Strangers, a new Hulu series from the creator of Big Little Lies, starring Nicole Kidman, was released on Sunday during the Oscars. After dropping the eerie, unsettling, and intriguing trailer, the buzz around the series only continues to grow, with audiences wondering when they’ll be able to tune in. Here’s everything we know about the series so far.

nine perfect Strangers nicole kidman

What It’s About

Based on Liane Moriarty’s novel of the same name, Nine Perfect Strangers tells the story of nine total and complete strangers, each of them in need of a life reset, who sign up for a 10-day Mind and Body Total Transformation Retreat. The retreat, run by an enigmatic yet compelling Russian woman, winds up taking twists and turns that none of the guests saw coming. (Watch the trailer, you’ll see, there’s something more sinister than what meets the eye.)

Who’s Part of It

Fans of Big Little Lies rejoiced at the announcement of David E. Kelley’s involvement in the series, which was shot entirely in Australia in the last few months of 2020, as well as Nicole Kidman’s roles as Masha, the retreat’s cult-leader-esque owner, as well as an executive producer of the series. 


Along with Kidman, the series stars Melissa McCarthy as Francis, a romance novelist, Luke Evans as Lars, a divorce attorney, Regina Hall as Carmel, a mother of four whose husband ran off with a much younger woman, and Samara Weaving as Jessica, a shallow lottery winner. The series’ eight episodes are directed by Jonathan Levine, who also acted as an executive producer, and is best known for directing 2011’s 50/50.

And Now, We Wait…

nine perfect strangers meal

Nine Perfect Strangers doesn’t have a release date yet — the trailer just assures us it’s coming soon. But if the sneak peek tells us anything, it’s that the series will be one to devour and obsess over.

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