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If anyone has a personal sense of style, it’s Onyi Moss. The singer seamlessly blends together romantic, elegant, retro, and modern elements to create her looks. We’re obsessed, and you will be too.

As a film director, as well as a singer-songwriter, Onyi Moss knows a thing or two about being creative. And the British-Nigerian songstress is known for taking that creativity into what she wears, using “visually appealing imagery” to tell a story.

She recently released her first single “In Your Eyes” about finding hope in the midst of a loss. But don’t worry, it won’t be the last you’ll be hearing from her. Moss is currently working on her EP.

Outside her music, Moss is a self-professed vintage lover with a love for fashion. And let me tell you, she has great taste! Interested in how you can bring her unique and elegant style into your wardrobe? Then keep reading.

Vintage Dresses Made Modern

One of the biggest elements of Moss’ style is vintage and vintage-inspired dresses. You can find great options in vintage stores as well as online. Stores like Simple Retro make some really pretty options if hunting for vintage finds just isn’t your cup of tea. ModCloth is another well-known example with a wide array of dresses available, so you’re sure to find something you like. 

And the vintage style dresses are also becoming a thing again. (Yay!) We can thank the cottage core trend for that. What’s old is new again! So you don’t have to feel completely out of place wearing a vintage or vintage-inspired dress. 

Bring Back the Headscarf

Headscarves give me all the Jackie O. vibes! They truly are one of the most ladylike and elegant accessories you could wear. They’re the quintessential spring and summer accessory in my book, perfect for a day at the beach, the park, or just a bad hair day.

They work just as well with a simple top and a pair of jeans as they do with a dress and heels. And as far as I’m concerned, they’re best paired with some oversized, rounded sunglasses inspired by the former first lady. 

Femininity Is in the Details

If there’s anything Moss is, it’s put together. You can tell she pays attention to every last detail of her outfit from head to toe. She’s going to take the time to put a little pearl bow hairpin in her hair and to steam the dress she’s planning on wearing so that it’s wrinkle-free. 

Don’t just look for feminine details in the clothes you buy, pay attention to how you can add feminine touches to the clothes you bought. One great way to do this is with accessories, but a big part of it is just making sure all of your clothes are in good condition. Mend holes, take things to a tailor, clean and polish your shoes, steam or iron even a simple tee shirt if you notice it’s wrinkled. Taking pride in your appearance will make all the difference.

Unique Coats

Moss’s style is unique to her. Her pieces never look like what you just saw the other day at Nordstrom Rack. It takes more patience and often self-discipline to save up for investment pieces to build your wardrobe this way as beautiful, unique pieces usually aren’t cheap. But it’s worth it because cultivating your own sense of style and a wardrobe that’s really your own is not only a fun hobby but means that your clothes will look at home on you.

Mary Janes and Kitten Heels

Moss’s most worn shoe style is a low heel. The Mary Jane and the kitten heel are both really great ways to give your outfits a retro touch but are still very modern. In fact, the Mary Jane heel has been a huge trend in Paris with the brand Carel making the most popular pair. (If you want to learn how to emulate French girl style, you’re in luck because I have an article on that here.)

Frills and Ruffles

Bring on the frills and ruffles! Moss’s outfits often incorporate these really romantic details. It’s great for a night out with your husband or boyfriend. Embrace those touches in your dresses and tops! They’re pretty, flattering, and fun. What more could you want?

Ladylike Edge

But Moss’s wardrobe isn’t all pastels, frills, and ruffles. She knows how to give her ultra-feminine style an edge from time to time. You can do this by picking rougher fabrics like leather and corduroy or darker colors, but still keeping the silhouette of your clothing very feminine. The secret is keeping a feminine aspect to the look that contrasts with the edgier part of your outfit.

Feminine Nightwear

Whether you’re cozying up with a book, a rom-com, or getting ready for a binge session of your favorite show, you should take a moment to get into your prettiest pajamas. Whether it’s a silk set, a chemise, or a long cotton nightgown, the art of getting dolled up for bed will make you feel 10 times more beautiful. Click here for some of our favorite lingerie and sleepwear brands.

A Hat Can Make Your Outfit

Moss proves that big hats are a style staple. A straw hat for the summer is especially useful. Bonus points if it has a ribbon attached! With a little digging, you can find some gorgeous vintage hats, but if you’re pressed for time, I love Gigi Pip’s modern options. A quick trip to your local department store once spring comes around should leave you with plenty of options to choose from.

If You Wear Jeans, Make Sure You Have a Blouse on Top

One scroll through Moss’s Instagram page will tell you that casual isn’t her thing. So when she does wear a pair of jeans (a rare occurrence), she always makes sure to dress it up with a gorgeous blouse and a pair of kitten heels.

Closing Thoughts

Onyi Moss really embraces dressing up and an ultra-feminine style that contrasts with the casual wear we see most of the time. It’s really a breath of fresh air and definitely makes me want to add some beautiful, long dresses to my wardrobe!

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