Get Joanna Gaines’ Laidback Style

By Nicole Andre
·  6 min read
joanna gaines style

It’s hard not to fall in love with everything about Joanna Gaines. But one thing to love about her that’s definitely on our list is her seriously great, but laidback style.

If you know me, you know that I love Joanna Gaines. And it’s not just that I’m head over heels for her modern farmhouse interior decorator style, although that’s true. Having a home like hers or the many she did the interior design for on Fixer Upper is a dream of mine. Especially the kitchen! I mean, who doesn’t count having a farmhouse sink as a life goal?

I own both of her cookbooks, and they’re both amazing. I owe my ability to make biscuits and the most incredible lemon bars you’ve had in your life entirely to Joanna. And here’s to hoping Joanna will release a book on starting your own garden because she happens to be a master of that as well.

Outside of being an incredible cook, gardener, interior designer, entrepreneur, children’s book author, and now the founder of her own TV network, Joanna’s crowning achievement is, at least from my perspective, what a wonderful mother she is. Family is very important to both her and her husband Chip, who praises the way she loves their six children. “Crowning achievement” was his choice of words as well, and I wholeheartedly agree with him.

But as busy as she is with motherhood and her businesses, Joanna also happens to have a chic style that could really work for anyone. The way she dresses could be easily made into a capsule wardrobe and is a really relaxed approach to fashion, while still being cute. I’m calling it Texas Chic!

Wear Jewelry

One big element of Joanna’s style is that she’s always wearing jewelry. She often supports Texas artisans, and her jewelry tends to include lots of interesting geometric shapes, especially her earrings. Jewelry elevates her casual style in a simple yet impactful way.

Simple Long Sleeves

What’s one thing Joanna Gaines has in spades? Talent? Yes, but also simple, solid color, long t-shirts that she wears regularly as part of her typical outfit formula. Dress it up with a little bit of jewelry and shoes, and you’ve got a great outfit. 

Sweaters Are a Must

And when she’s not in her basic long sleeve or short sleeve for summer, you’re sure to find Joanna rocking a sweater. She has a lot of simple sweaters that have a relaxed fit in mostly blush or neutral tones. Notice the puff sleeves — a detail that adds femininity to the otherwise casual outfit.

Keep It Cozy

And for those days where the weather dips in Texas, Joanna will throw on a wool coat. This is a must in every woman’s wardrobe. Make sure you have it in a neutral color!

Follow a Formula, but Then Have Fun

There’s a really simple formula to Joanna’s outfits. Some sort of top or sweater, jeans, and then cute shoes and earrings. But having this as a base lets you bring some statement pieces into your wardrobe like her yellow jacket. 

Boots, Boots, and More Boots

If you’re looking to replicate Joanna’s style, one thing you’ll have to stock up on is boots. She wears everything from duck boots to knee-high leather boots, to suede ankle boots, to rainboots, so to get her style you’ll have to have a few different options.

What I love about this photo is how normal it feels! Her style will absolutely work for your day to day life just casually hanging out with family, baking, or playing around outside. A lot of celebrity style isn’t accessible and definitely isn’t practical, but hers absolutely is. 


Overalls tend to shift in and out of being trendy every year, but if you like them I see no reason not to wear them whether or not they’re “in style.” Whether you dress them up with a pair of clogs like Joanna did or wear them when you’re keeping it really low key like she is in the second photo, they're a good item to have that will last you a lifetime.

Artisan-Made Leather Shoes

You can typically find shoes like this at stores like Free People. And they’re really great because they go great with casual outfits, but work just as well with a lot of dresses. I actually get away with wearing a similar pair to church a lot of times!

Clogs Are a Must

Another staple shoe in Joanna’s wardrobe is clogs! Invest in a good pair of clog heels from Sweden, and they will go with your dresses as well as your jeans. I’m calling that a definite win!

Go All Out in Denim

You might think of this as a trend from the 2000s, but I still think it makes a cute, wearable outfit. And clearly, Joanna agrees!

Embrace the Ballcap

Joanna knows how to keep it casual. She’s not afraid to just tie her hair back and throw on a ball cap. Plus, this is a super great thing to do (in addition to sunscreen) to help protect yourself in the summer months. Skin damage? No, thank you.

Elevate Your Style with a Maxi Dress

When it comes to dresses, Joanna tends to favor longer, flowy styles. They’re both comfortable and really easy to wear. She still emphasizes her waistline though!

Rock a Belt

Notice the French tuck and belt combo! Belts are not just for when your pants don’t fit quite right, they’re also a great accessory. Joanna wears one a lot of the time, and it’s a nice detail to bring attention to your waist, which makes it really flattering. 

Do Your Hair, Makeup, and Nails

And lastly, three important things Joanna does to make her casual, laidback style more feminine is wearing makeup, doing her hair, and painting her nails. Even here her approach is still simple and the look is natural, but the impact is significant. These more refined parts of her style soften and elevate the casualness of the rest of it.

Closing Thoughts

Joanna Gaines’ laidback style is pretty easy to achieve. Try shopping at boutiques and stores like Anthropologie where she gets a lot of her items. Because her outfits are so formulaic they’re easy to replicate, and over time you could have a wardrobe that looks a lot like hers.

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