Gabrielle Union Brags About Supporting Her Trans Stepson And Living "Out Loud" For Everyone To See

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Gabrielle Union married NBA star Dwyane Wade in 2014 and had a child with him in 2018. She has also become a stepmother to Wade's 14-year-old son.

Dwyane Wade's son was introduced to the world as a trans girl in 2020. His name is now Zaya and his father and stepmother make it known publicly that they support him pretending to be a girl. It's one thing to see adults call themselves trans, but it's something completely different when a child is subjected to predatory gender theory by the adults in their life.

Gabrielle Union has never skipped a beat in parading around her stepson as a trans girl, and while promoting her new movie (the remake of Cheaper by the Dozen) she bragged about how her family is going to continue to support Zaya's choices.

Gabrielle Union Says She And Her Trans Stepson Will "Live Out Loud"

Union recently posted a series of photos on Instagram of her husband, their daughter, and her stepson Zaya. Zaya is wearing a girl's outfit complete with high heels, a high bun, and a purse. In her exclusive interview with Buzzfeed, she declared that she and her family will always "live and love out loud" no matter what. She also spoke about what it's like supporting her stepson's trans identity.

"We didn't exactly understand why [supporting Zaya's trans identity] was a thing, because it's like, we love all our kids out loud," she said. But it is a thing and a lot of people do need an example. They do need that representation."

"So yeah, we're gonna post our family, we're going to live out loud, we're going to love out loud, and we're going to speak out loud and lead in however each situation calls for us to be leaders when things are not where they should be."

She also said she doesn't believe in "any kind of shaming for existing" and she's encouraging her daughter to "be exactly who you are."

There's a lot to unpack here, but perhaps the most obvious thing is that Union is parading around another woman's son in order to promote her new movie and look like a progressive "leader" in Hollywood. Zaya's mother is named Siohvaughn Funches — where is she in this equation? Does she have any say over her son being used as a trans token for Hollywood elites to virtue signal with?

Feeding into a boy's fantasy about being a girl is not the loving and compassionate choice. Allowing gender theory to ruin your kid's childhood is not good parenting. The sooner we can admit that, the sooner we will see fewer children being exploited for the sake of narcissistic actors.

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