French Woman Shares Devastating Effects Of Mass Immigration Policies, Pleads For Help

A 26-year-old woman from France no longer feels safe in her home country due to the immigrants taking over her neighborhood. "I write this because, ten years ago, I could go out with my friends in the evening, at any hour, without being bothered, insulted, followed, or stabbed," she shared.

By Meredith Evans3 min read
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In 2021, more than a third of immigrants in the country had acquired French citizenship. Immigration to France has since surged, and in 2023, foreigners comprised over 10% of the country's population. As foreign men were brought in, the brutality against women increased, with more than 75% of rapes in Paris last year committed by foreign nationals, per GB News.

On July 1, 2024, French whistleblower Damien Rieu shared a disturbing post from a woman living in the city of Lyon, who shared the reality of living with immigrants. According to the English translation shared by a self-described independent reporter on X/Twitter, the woman and her friends were constantly harassed by foreigners.

Throughout this article, I will share reports of recent brutality committed by immigrants on French citizens.

"I am 26 years old, blonde, with light eyes, and I have always lived in the 6th arrondissement of Lyon, which is thought of as the poshest area in Lyon, and my daily life has become unbearable," the woman wrote in a lengthy post sent to Rieu. "I write this because, ten years ago, I could go out with my friends in the evening, at any hour, without being bothered, insulted, followed, or stabbed."

The anonymous woman recalled the time when she and her boyfriend and his two friends were attacked by a group of men who stole one of their phones. Her boyfriend tried to fight back but was stabbed in the arm. He had to protect his neck from being targeted. "Someone tried to cut his throat," she added.

There are numerous videos online of women being targeted and harassed in Europe, an experience that has become a daily occurrence for the French woman. She continued, "As for myself, on a regular basis, men follow me, insult me because I refuse to talk back or because I say I have a boyfriend. One day, one spit on me. More and more, I am whistled at like a dog, or 'ksksks'd like I am a cat. Acts of this nature have happened to me perhaps thirty times in the past year."

Six months ago, the woman and her boyfriend adopted a puppy. Three men tried to steal their dog when they both went for a walk at nighttime. "Since then, we only go out in the evening as a couple, and I always carry pepper spray in my purse," she wrote.

In Paris, Marseille, Lyon, and Nantes, undocumented migrants join drug networks for easy pay. "In our neighborhood, just in our block, there are three drug dealing spots, which work constantly. Day and night. With everything that entails: watchmen loitering outside our house, milling about, shouting, getting high and bothering people, especially women," she said. "Every single one of the actions I mentioned (and they are only a part of what we have gone through) is the fact of men of sub-Saharan African or North African origin."

When Europeans speak out against how immigrants act toward them, they are accosted by liberals. The woman goes on to say that a "white man" has never behaved toward her in the manner that male foreigners have. "Is it racist to call out what my daily life has become as a woman, because of immigration? Is my reality, my daily life, racist?" she asked. "Am I not as legitimate as any other person to call out traumatising acts of violence, just because they are done by foreigners or immigrants?"

"To be clear, I am not talking about men in general, but specifically men, sometimes underage, who are of immigrant background. Now, and for about four years, the way I live my life has had to change to live with this constant insecurity. Now I live with a pepper spray outside my front door, a taser, and a false pistol, after an attempted break-in. We have had an extra lock added to our door. We have a security camera in our apartment. In my purse, I carry a second pepper spray, as well as brass knuckles on my keychain. I never walk into a building without checking both sides of the street, in case a man is following me. I never make eye contact with you-know-who. I constantly cross the street. I no longer leave my home on my own after 9pm. I no longer use public transport for obvious reasons. I am afraid when I am alone at home. I am afraid when outside."

There is not one day that women can live without fear in big cities like Lyon. "Now, I am always afraid," she admitted. "I do not want this future for my children who, fortunately, are not yet here. I do not understand people who do not see that France is turning into a cradle of insecurity because of immigrant men. Insecurity to women, but to men as well. Therefore, for your future, and those of your children or your children-to-be: cast the right vote.”

Closing Thoughts

What's happening in Europe will soon be a reality in America if citizens vote blue. The Democrat Open Borders plan to entrench single-party rule can be explained in under two minutes.

One, flood the country with untold millions of illegals by land, sea, and air from all over the world, enough to eclipse the populations of 36 individual U.S. states.

Two, prioritize the needs of these millions of non-citizens over the needs of the American citizens with free flights, buses, hotels, meals, and phones, ensuring their loyalty to the political party that imported them.

Three, keep them in the country at all costs, even when they commit violent crimes like murder and rape. Attack the language used to describe the criminals, as opposed to the criminals themselves. Slander critics as racist.

Four, ensure their privileges are made irrevocable with city and state sanctuary laws that act as population magnets. Codify permanent status and ensure non-cooperation with ICE.

Five, count the non-citizens in the census that will determine congressional apportionment in the House of Representatives. As of now, that would equal 13 extra congressional districts, a tremendous amount of electoral power.

Six, wage a massive, heavily-funded lawfare campaign to change state voting laws that legalize mass mail-in ballots, no signature verification, and no proof of citizenship requirements, making it nearly impossible to prove voter fraud.

Seven, lock in the permanent voting majority with campaign promises of lavish benefits and permanent privileges, enshrining generational fealty to the Democrat Party.

Eight, win elections. Nine, entrenched single-party rule has been achieved. The best part? Your tax dollars are paying for it.

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