Frantic Woman On Plane Was Not Drunk And Was Frightened By What The Man Next To Her Said, According To A Friend Of A Friend

Apparently, the viral plane lady is safe but isn't ready to speak out just yet. Rumor has it the man next to her said something frightening before she decided to storm off the aircraft.

By Gina Florio3 min read

A new development has surfaced online in regards to the famous plane lady story, which went viral on social media last week and has taken over the internet by storm. A woman claims to be friends with someone who is friends with the plane lady, and she offers some news on the woman who has become the subject of thousands of memes. However, there is still some doubt that this update is real, as there have been many fake videos made over the last week.

Frantic Woman on Plane Was Not Drunk and Is Not Missing, According to a Friend of a Friend

An unsettling video of a woman's frantic outburst on a Dallas to Orlando flight has become the subject of fervent debate on social media. The footage, initially shared on TikTok by @texaskansasnnn, shows an unnamed passenger warning fellow travelers about an unreal presence onboard, which has fueled wild speculations and intrigue among netizens. The incident started with the passenger pacing down the aisle, threatening to leave the flight while making cryptic comments about someone on the plane being "not real". She added a chilling warning, suggesting everyone on board could "die with them or not." This harrowing episode reportedly led to a three-hour delay.

While the original video has since been removed and the TikTok account set to private, the clip continues to generate widespread discussion. Some viewers are convinced that the passenger was intoxicated; others feel that her concerns might have been genuine. A different video, shared by another user, shows the woman heatedly demanding to disembark from the plane, stating, "I need to get the f*ck off this plane." These videos have spawned a myriad of theories on TikTok, ranging from shapeshifting reptilian creatures to extraterrestrial beings.

Several eyewitness accounts have since surfaced, adding to the story's complexity. Stand-up comedian Carrot Top, who was on the same flight, posted a video attributing the woman's meltdown to the loss of an earbud. Another passenger, @m.leern, shared a TikTok video stating that the woman had been drinking before boarding and became irate when she misplaced her AirPods. The plane returned to the gate following the woman's outburst, and she was escorted off. The aircraft underwent an investigation to ensure its safety for the subsequent journey.

While @m.leern's explanation aligns most with the account given by an American Airlines representative, many social media users remain unconvinced and eagerly await the woman's version of events. The airline confirmed that the disruptive passenger was removed from the flight upon its return to the gate and met by local law enforcement officials. They expressed their gratitude to passengers and crew members for their understanding and professionalism throughout the incident.

The mystery surrounding the incident continues to draw attention, with many left wondering about the woman's identity and the nature of her fears. In the days following the viral video, there were some rumors that the woman went missing. Many people found it strange that she hadn't made an appearance on social media to explain her side of things. Everyone is hyper-online these days, so it was starting to seem odd that she hadn't showed up anywhere on the internet.

But Sara Gonzales, a news host for The Blaze Media, shared a video from a woman who claims that a friend of a friend is friends with the plane lady. She shared the latest news of what she knows so far.

"Number one, she's alive," she says in the video. "She did not disappear. She was going on a cruise which would explain the disappearance." She also thought about how wild it would be to unplug, go on vacation, and come back to realize you are the top trending audio on all social media platforms.

"Second of all, she was not drunk, not drinking, not drunk," she continues, "which, I have to be honest, I thought when I first initially saw the video, and I just wanna clear that up because I know that there were a lot of people bashing her."

Finally, she references the interaction between the plane lady and the person she claimed was "not real." Apparently, "something was misplaced," and when she looked at him, he said to her, "I am going to take this whole plane down." That's all she knows, and she hopes that whenever the plane lady feels "comfortable and safe," she will come forward and tell her side of the story.

While some are happy to hear this update about the plane lady, others are not buying it and are accusing the woman in the video of inventing a story just to gain followers, clicks, likes, etc.

Time will only tell whether this woman is telling the truth, and in the meantime, people will continue to speculate where the original plane lady is, whether she is safe, and what on earth she saw that day on that aircraft.