The Feminization Of Men Cheats Women Out Of Our Natural Desire To Admire Strong Men

Despite feminist propaganda, nothing is worse for a woman than to realize that she’s stronger than her man.

By S.G. Cheah4 min read
The Movement To Feminize Men Is Cheating Women Out Of Our Natural Desire To Admire Strong Men

Have you ever noticed how as a woman, we seem to be living in a peculiar age today? Materially, it has never been easier for most women to fulfill their physical needs. Clean water, abundant food, safe dwellings — these needs are readily available to us.

Yet, spiritually, as a whole, most women are still starved for fulfillment. Surveys have shown how women today are drowning in a sea of unhappiness despite the progress they’ve achieved in attaining equality with men. Could it be that perhaps, the reason behind this wave of unhappiness in so many women’s lives arose from the diminishing power of masculine strength?  

Womanhood in Peril 

Many have pondered the question of declining female happiness. It has left them baffled. Why are women today, who enjoy more equality with men, less happy than women in their grandmothers’ generation who live under the alleged “oppressive patriarchal rule”? The trouble is, these people talk about women in terms of gender and sex. What they fail to consider is the concept of womanhood itself. 

The masculine needs the feminine just as much as the feminine needs the masculine. 

Womanhood is special. And one of the most important aspects of womanhood is the relationship it has to the concept of manhood. One can’t fulfill itself without the other. The masculine needs the feminine just as much as the feminine needs the masculine. It’s an eternal truth as old as the concept of Yin and Yang itself. Tragically, today, we’re witnessing the extensive snuffing out of the masculine in our society. The Yang is being suppressed.

When the modern feminists proclaim that gender is just a made-up “construct,” understand that they’re essentially belittling the eons of human experience. The masculine-feminine duality isn’t a tool that the patriarchy uses to oppress women, despite what these anti-gender-roles activists allege. Rather, it’s an everlasting concept present in all of mankind, whether it be Eastern or Western or Native traditions. 

The Natural Feminine Desire To Admire Strong Men 

You’ll find that the masculine and the feminine are rooted in the same universal principle everywhere throughout human history. There’s a unifying force that represents the feminine and the masculine in every variation of all cultures around the world. And they all share the same idea. Take the case of the ancient oriental symbol of Yin and Yang, where Yin represents the female and Yang the male. Yin is the receptive and Yang the active principle. 

Yin is characterized as slow, soft, yielding, diffuse, cold, wet, and passive; and is associated with water, earth, the moon, femininity, and night time. Yang, by contrast, is fast, hard, solid, focused, hot, dry, and active; and is associated with fire, sky, the sun, masculinity, and daytime. One can’t overrule the other. Womanhood and manhood have to work in tandem. It’s a symbol of the continuity of life itself. 

Photo Cred: Yin Inspired Yoga

Poetically, you can think about it like how the moon receives her light from the sun. And if her sun dies out, she too will stop shining. So when masculinity is taken away from manhood, womanhood will suffer along with his death. This is the tragedy we’re observing in American society today. Men are constantly presented as losers, abusers, and predators in so many instances of pop-culture, and therefore, masculinity should be redefined, like when Harry Styles insists that “manly” men wear dresses. 

A Feminine Man Is an Emotional Wreck

Men are told to “cry more” and “to let-go of their bottled-up emotions.” Yet a masculine man is someone who holds a solid command of his emotions. When a man is driven by his emotions, he’s less likely to make decisions based on rational thought and will often give in to his feelings. Crime, abuse, violence, and cruelty are all aspects of his irrationally driven emotions. A man who fails to anchor his masculine energy will ultimately lead himself to self-destruction. 

Biologically, men are stronger than women. This is simply a fact. And knowing that fact, a man who is self-aware about his own power knows that he’s capable of physically dominating a woman, which is why he has to keep his emotions in check at all times. 

Crime, abuse, violence, and cruelty are all aspects of a man’s irrationally driven emotions. 

Men who fail to keep their emotions under control are often dangerous to women and children. Think of domestic abusers. These abusive men are not guided by reason. There’s no rational benefit in hurting your wife and kids. This inability to take control of their emotions is what drives them to physically abuse their children and women.

It’s therefore crucial for men to understand and properly embrace their power and strength because within every man lies a warrior knight who is capable of great harm if his masculine energy isn’t properly channeled for good (as likewise within every woman lies the nurturing and the devouring mother). 

In Defense of the Masculine Warrior Archetype 

In order for womanhood to be complete, we have to be able to fulfill our femininity. The same principle applies to men in their fulfillment of manhood. Part of achieving healthy masculinity is for men to be allowed to embrace the warrior archetype in them. However, this journey of self-fulfillment is often denied to the men in the Western world today.

Only the most narcissistic person could dismiss an age-old archetype that was created through the many millennia of human tradition as “outdated” and “old-fashioned.” Sadly, this is a common phenomenon often seen in modern feminism. So when the feminist declares “I don’t need a man to rescue me!” it’s the Yin eliminating the Yang. It’s an act of dismissing the value of male strength.

If a man wants to act as a strong protector, he shouldn’t be chastised for trying to fulfill his manhood. 

Obviously, a woman shouldn’t regress to being a helpless victim who is incapable of taking care of herself. The point is, it’s important to acknowledge masculine virtues. If a man wants to act as a strong protector, he shouldn’t be chastised for trying to fulfill his manhood. 

The Father As the Protector

When a woman realizes that her partner is soft and weak, her motherly instinct kicks in since it’s a natural impulse in women to be nurturing. This will basically make a woman feel like she is her partner’s “mother” because she’s driven to protect him like how she protects helpless children. If you think this is a sexist claim, know that women are more likely to spring in and help a crying child who is lost when compared to men. 

It’s a natural feminine instinct, kind of like when we see another woman who is crying or being hurt by someone else, we feel a need to help her out. However, if we saw a man in the same position, we’d only feel compelled to help him out after we know he isn’t trying to manipulate or trick us into caring for him. 

This is a rational reaction to any circumstance; in order to help the weak, you have to be in a stronger position to help. For example, if a woman is attacked by someone, the last thing she’d want is for small children to try and save her because she knows not only will the children fail, they’d probably also get hurt in the process. So, in the culture today where men are encouraged to be like women, our natural feminine instinct is essentially messed up because women can no longer rely on the men to protect them anymore.

It’s the same reason why women are naturally attracted to men who exude a “protector-type” aura, even if they’d try to deny this attraction. Humanity has distilled this into the archetype of The Knight in Shining Armor who slays dangerous monsters in order to rescue his maiden. 

The Damaging War of the Sexes 

Imagine if the tables were turned and men dismissed the importance of tenderness and sweetness as an important part of our nature as women. The male-parallel to the feminist’s “I don’t need a man to rescue me” would be the MGTOW’s “Who needs female tenderness? That’s for wimpy losers!” 

When you make a villain out of the other sex, you’re waging war against everything the other side stands for.

The feminist declaration that “the future is female” is basically the same as the MGTOW’s declaration of “men going their own way.” When you make a villain out of the other sex, you’re waging war against everything the other side stands for. In the case of the war between the sexes, it’s done by labeling masculinity as “toxic” (the radical feminists) or by stereotyping the female gender as “resource parasites” (the MGTOWs). 

Psychologically healthy people recognize that the male desire to be strong and protective of women is not “toxic.” It’s traditional masculinity. And the desire of women to admire a strong man who is capable of providing for and protecting her is absolutely normal. 

Closing Thoughts

Love comes from the appreciation of someone’s virtues. A man shouldn’t be compelled to shed his masculine virtues for the sake of “political correctness.” As previously mentioned, like how the symbol of Yin and Yang represents the continuity of life, separating the Yin and the Yang thus disintegrates the continuity of life itself. It’s why, as women, we must insist that men remain masculine and embrace their manhood proudly.