Fashion Essentials For Girls Who Don’t Do Pink

By Maddy Bandowski··  3 min read
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fashion essential for girls who don't do pink

If you’re like me, shopping is terrifying. There are too many choices and colors to look at, especially for a girl who loves neutrals. It’s just overwhelming. And as soon as you pull one hot style off the rack a new trend is already taking its place.

Fear not, because real fashion is not trends - it’s timeless. There are a few essentials you can add to your wardrobe that are classy and neutral for any age.

The Little Black Blazer

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the LBD (little black dress) but what about the LBB? A black blazer is the perfect jacket to elevate your look. It goes with everything. Wear it with jeans for an elevated casual look or to work with a pair of slacks. Don’t be afraid of wearing something other than a blouse beneath it. Try a sweater for winter or a simple tee for summer. You can also wear it buttoned or unbuttoned for different looks.

The Button-Up

I don’t know why, but it took me forever to fall in love with button-up shirts. Maybe it was because I didn’t like tucking in my shirt or the sleeves were always too long (short girl here). But a classic white button-up really helped my wardrobe. It’s so simple, it’s beautiful. You can wear it with shorts or pants, with skirts, with that blazer we talked about - the possibilities are endless. You can even wear it as a jacket in the summer. Just throw it over a tank top and leave it unbuttoned.

Check out how to create the perfect cuffed sleeve, among other style tips, for button-up shirts:

Chelsea Boots

The boot for every occasion. Although they might seem like a new trend, the Chelsea boot has actually been around since 1851 as a commission from Her Majesty Queen Victoria, and they’ve been a fashion staple ever since. If they’re good enough for the Queen (and the Beatles!), then they’re good enough for me. They’re a low heel, easy to slip on and off, and come in lots of colors (although I do love a good black). A trend built to last, this little ankle bootie pairs well with just about anything. I like to wear them with jeans or a corduroy skirt.

A Neck Scarf

Most of the things I’ve recommended so far have been very neutral. You’re probably thinking, “What a bland wardrobe, I need color!” Let me introduce you to the neck scarf. It’s a little accessory no one thinks much about, but one you can do so much with. If that black blazer and white button-up seem a little bland, then throw on a colorful silk scarf to spice things up. You don’t have to just wear it around your neck either. Try it as a headband or tie it to your purse handle for extra flair.

There are also many ways to knot it. Just take a look on Pinterest or YouTube to find different video tutorials for tying your scarf. My favorite way to wear one is with a white button-down, jeans, and Chelsea boots. Isn’t it great how all these things tie together? (Pun totally intended.)

Closing Thoughts

These are the building blocks for a solid wardrobe. Neutral does not equal boring. All these items are practical and will go with anything, perfect for the working woman or the stay-at-home mom who wants to be able to mix and match easily. Stay classy with these timeless staples.

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