Fans Wonder What Madonna Has Done To Her Face As She Becomes More And More Unrecognizable

It's no secret that celebrities get various kinds of plastic surgery throughout their career, but for the most part they still look like themselves. But fans are getting concerned about Madonna's appearance lately, as her face has been transformed into something unrecognizable.

By Gina Florio2 min read

There's a long list of celebrities who have denied getting any plastic surgery done, but it's clear to the whole world that their face isn't completely natural. Women like Bella Hadid, Ariana Grande, and Kim Kardashian would never admit in a million years that they have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars (perhaps even more) to sculpt a perfect face and body, but even if they've had a lot of work done, it's easy to see some continuity between their earlier photos and their current ones. However, singer and pop icon Madonna is becoming increasingly unrecognizable as the days go by and her fans are wondering what she's doing to her face.

Fans Ask What Madonna Has Done to Her Face as She Becomes More and More Unrecognizable

Madonna has always been known to march to the beat of her own drum, and she has been criticized for posting sexual content on her social media under the guise of empowerment and self-confidence. She has posted various photos and videos on TikTok and Instagram showing a new side of herself that many fans don't recognize. Madonna will participate in some lip sync trends, post photos of herself in bed, and share some strange workout videos that have left many of her fans wondering if she's okay.

It's clear to see that her face has been altered significantly. Her cheeks are enlarged to the point where her whole face shape has changed. Her lips are much bigger than usual and fans can't help but notice that she has no wrinkles whatsoever, which is odd for a 64-year-old. Fans are not only noticing the difference in how she looks; they're worried about her wellbeing.

"From someone who has loved this incredible woman for 40 years this is not how I thought this would go and so quickly. We’re watching liking and hearting an icon lose herself.
I’m concerned," someone commented.

"The surgery is awful I couldn't relly believe this is really Madonna πŸ˜– 😱 😨" a user wrote.

"Besides age what the hell happened to her. Needles needles needles needles needles πŸ™„," someone said.

"The way you conduct yourself now is completely embarrassing πŸ™ˆ your glory days were amazing, but now πŸ™ˆ" another person wrote.

Many of her photos and videos also show a grill on her teeth and she's often wearing revealing clothes that show a breast enhancement. A once beloved pop icon has opted in for so much plastic surgery that fans can barely recognize her. Couple that with many videos of sexually explicit material, references to the occult, and displays of reckless behavior have onlookers worried for Madonna's wellbeing. Has she just gone too far with her cosmetic procedures or is something else disturbing happening in her life? Sadly, many celebrities who have been in Hollywood for many decades display concerning behavior, as if spending too much time in the limelight as a celebrity can start to eat away at your once healthy and sound mind.