Fans Are Furious About Lady Gaga's Academy Award Snub, But She Responded With Class

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Lady Gaga Oscar Snub

The full list of the 2022 Academy Award nominations was released this week, and while people are happy to see the likes of Kristen Stewart and Nicole Kidman on the list, they can't help but notice that Lady Gaga has been left out.

When House of Gucci premiered, Lady Gaga's performance was the talk of the town. Now that the official list of Oscar nominations is circulating the web, plenty of people are bringing her up again and wondering why on earth she didn't receive a nod for Best Lead Actress alongside Jessica Chastain, Nicole Kidman, and Kristen Stewart.

Lady Gaga Received Multiple Other Nominations This Year

Perhaps the weirdest part about this whole thing is that Lady Gaga was recognized many other times this year for her House of Gucci performance. She was nominated at the SAG Awards, Critics Choice Awards, Golden Globes, and BAFTA Awards. Everyone was expecting her to be nominated for an Academy Award as well.

Fans are not happy with this development. Many tweeted their disappointment and praised her for her role in House of Gucci, while also cracking a few jokes about the Oscar nominees mysteriously being poisoned.

See the full list of Oscar nominations here.

Lady Gaga's Reaction Was Classy

Lady Gaga was probably expecting an Academy Award nod like the rest of us, but her response sent a message of humility and congratulations rather than bitterness. She kicked off by acknowledging her friend and colleague Frederic Aspiras, who was nominated for Best Makeup and Hairstyling. She posted a picture on her Instagram saying that she "couldn't be happier for a man" she calls her brother. They've worked together for the last 15 years.

"Frederic was magical, precise, and dedicated months leading up to shoot and during filming," she wrote. "He prepared dozens of wigs for months and months, and did at least a year of preparation. He’s a living genius and Freddie, we are all so grateful to just even be near your talent, creativity and generosity of spirit."

She also congratulated all the other nominees for their accomplishments. "And to all the nominees this year, congratulations on all your hard work, dedication, your nomination and YOUR magic—you all deserve major recognition for what was a truly beautiful landscape of performances and accomplishments this past year," she concluded. "Your dedication during Covid, your huge hearts, and your ability to tell amazing stories is a gift to the whole world during what is for many a very hard time. Congratulations my friends. Bravo!"

Classy indeed, Lady Gaga. Even if she didn't get a nominee this year, there are millions of fans out there who will never forget her House of Gucci performance.

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