Exclusive: The Skinny Confidential's Lauryn Bosstick Opens Up About Her Business And Her Latest Health Hack

Lauryn Bosstick dishes on her latest health discoveries and how they've changed her life.

By Nicole Dominique3 min read

As the co-creator of hit The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast, Lauryn Bosstick has gained significant insights over the past few years. Bosstick and her husband, Michael, have shared their knowledge on beauty, wellness, mindset, and relationships with millions of listeners and hosted world-class leaders, doctors, celebrities, and entrepreneurs. Her reason for starting her business is simple: To help women live their best lives.

Lauryn's passion for beauty and wellness began with a blog but became an empire, attracting major publications like Marie Claire, Women's Health Magazine, and People Magazine. Lauryn isn't just an entertaining host (plus beauty and wellness connoisseur); she's also a devoted mother. So whether she's "habit stacking with a sheet mask and hot ginger tea," dishing out no-nonsense advice on her podcast, or playing with her little ones, Lauryn embodies the ultimate entrepreneur: ambitious and unapologetically herself.

Now, in an exclusive interview with Evie, Lauryn is opening up about her business ventures, her most memorable guests, and the mouth tape health hack that you need to try.

Nicole Dominique: If someone is just discovering your podcast today, which episode should they start with? Which one has been the most memorable for you over the years?

Lauryn Bosstick: The two-part episode with Dr. Huberman and Dr. Daryll Gioffre’s three episodes are musts if you’re into health.

If you want a wild ride, listen to Molly Bloom or Dan Bilzerian. He really shocked me with his raw honesty. Michelle Pfieffer and John Stamos are both iconic. For each of those episodes, we couldn’t believe we were sitting across from them. 

ND: How do you separate business from pleasure working with your husband on multiple businesses?

LB: If we’re spending time with our kids or family, we disconnect, but most of the time, we like talking about business. Business is our pleasure.

That doesn’t mean we’re talking about the day-to-day operations of our business, but we both love to read, so we talk about things we’ve learned, guests we’d like to have on the show, bounce ideas off one another, and talk about our days. 

ND: What do you wish you knew before you started building your business?

LB: That a lot of the time rejection isn’t personal. Since the start of The Skinny Confidential my emotional intelligence is much stronger and practicing stoicism has helped me enormously when it comes to what’s in my control and what is not. Honestly, I learned this pretty quickly, so if anyone out there is struggling with rejection, just remember that it’s almost never you, it’s just not a good fit for the other party. 

ND: Who are you following on Instagram or TikTok that is inspiring you right now?

LB: The content we consume is part of our diet, so I’m very thoughtful about that. Usually, there are only about five people on my feed, and it has to be entertaining, educational, or provide some kind of value. 

ND: One of our health writers did a piece for us on mouth tape two years ago, and many people were shocked at this concept. Why do you think people are so hesitant to try this health hack? 

LB: People are hesitant about things that are new or unfamiliar, it’s human nature. When I first heard about mouth tape, I was shocked too. Floored actually. After hearing all the health benefits, I couldn’t believe a little piece of tape could do all that. Once I’d been taping for 10 months, I could feel and see results and realized not only is taping your mouth a health tip, but it’s the best beauty tip, too. The way it sculpts your jaw and strengthens your entire face was unlike anything else I’d ever tried. 

Courtesy of Lauryn Bosstick
Courtesy of Lauryn Bosstick

One thing I love about creating products like this is being able to really showcase the benefits and make it more familiar so people feel comfortable trying it. So far, the response from our mouth tape has been outstanding. People are loving it – having better quality sleep and more energy and saying it’s actually really fun to wear to bed. 

ND: What is the most frustrating myth surrounding mouth tape that you want to clear up?

LB: That it doesn’t do anything for your jawline. The science around mouth breathing vs. nose breathing is indisputable.

Courtesy of Lauryn Bosstick
Courtesy of Lauryn Bosstick

Authorities like Dr. Andrew Huberman and Dr. Mark Burhenne are all talking about the benefits, and if you want to see for yourself, just Google mouth breather vs. nose breather. 

ND: How did you discover/get into the habit of taping your mouth shut to sleep?

LB: Since having corrective double jaw surgery, I read Breathe, Shut Your Mouth and Save Your Life Mouth, and Jaws, and since talking to Dr. Huberman on The HIM & HER Show, I became intrigued.

It was the weirdest thing I’d ever heard. But after a few weeks of mouth taping, my energy was through the roof. After two months, I noticed the biggest difference in my face. My jaw was stronger and more defined, the whites of my eyes were whiter, and I wasn’t thirsty in the morning. I felt and feel incredible because of it. Being a mom of two young kids and running a business and podcast can wipe you out, so as you can imagine, waking up with a noticeably higher energy level is life-changing. 

ND: What health trend or habit have you changed your mind on recently?

LB: Meat. We eat so much meat in our house, and our diet is animal-based. In the past, I’ve eaten in a way that I guess was vegan-inspired, although I’ve never been fully vegan or vegetarian. 

Eating meat has made me feel amazing. Since lifting weights and incorporating more animal protein, I have so much energy, my hair is healthy, and my body composition has changed. 

ND: You have so many incredible products already in your arsenal! What’s your favorite product you’ve created so far?

LB: Mouth Tape, out of every product we’ve ever done, is the most life changing. What it’s done for my face and energy levels after using it every night for 10 months is out of this world. And I was a big mouth breather. I was a snorer, which did get better with my double jaw surgery, but still. Now, I’m not either of those things. I’m extremely passionate about recommending this to everyone because it’s enhanced my life beyond what I ever thought a little piece of tape could.

ND: Is there anything in the works that you can give us the exclusive on? What should we expect from you next?

LB: We have a few very exciting launches coming up. I can’t say what they are, but I can say that our next one is very special, and it’s been a long time coming. It’s something the community has been waiting for, and after years of perfecting the product, we’re finally ready to add it to the product lineup. Mark your calendars for April 8! 

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