Everything You Need To Throw An Adorable Spring Garden Party

Ready to embrace your inner housewife? Not only is it super fun and feminine to host a beautiful get together for your closest girl friends, but it's the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of a new season.

By Alyssa Vandermeulen3 min read
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Garden parties have been a common get-together for centuries, but if you struggle to plan events based on your busy schedule, you're not alone! Fear not: We're here to help you with the planning. We’ve compiled cute inspiration pictures for your backyard gardenscape, recipes for deliciously dainty finger foods, and a list of must-have items to make shopping easier. Ready to start planning? 

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While you can send a text to invite your girlfriends over for a floral-themed get-together, that doesn’t mean you should. Making cute invitations is not a major undertaking, and it's well worth the extra effort (and paper!). You can custom-make invitations via Canva on your device, then layer cardstock and lace for the cutest touch. 

Here is some invitation inspo to get you started!

Table Inspiration & Decor

The focus of your garden party will be flowers. If your backyard is well landscaped with blooming flowers, even better! But you don't have to host your event in a secret garden for it to be beautiful. Set up your tables with tons of flowers and greenery as your centerpieces. Filler plants, like Queen Anne's Lace, boost arrangements so you don't have to rely solely on expensive flowers.

An arrangement of fun, colorful vases can also add a spring touch to your table, especially if you plan on simpler florals. 

Anthropologie Claudia Glass Vase, $26

Terrain Vanilla Glossed Ceramic Vase, $22-$44

The key is to keep the colors and fabrics light and fresh. Avoid dark tones, and opt for cream, linen, and pastel colors. If possible, match your table decor to the floral arrangements for a coordinated look.

Once the table is taken care of, consider adding a few strands of fairy lights over the table. These lights are effortlessly gorgeous, and they invite longer conversations to continue into the late afternoon.

A few tealights on the table can also add the perfect, ethereal touch. Choose soft spring colors and pretty votive holders to subtly fill any empty space between place settings. 

Capri Blue Votives, Set of 6, $22

Color Pop Glass Votives Set of 3, $58

You’ll also need serving trays, plates, napkins, silverware, glasses, and more, so make sure that your tables are large enough to avoid feeling cluttered and crowded with so many place settings. If you don't have enough the servingware, ask friends and family to borrow some. Don't worry about everything matching perfectly; a mix-and-match theme works beautifully for a garden party.

Alexandra Farmer The Flock Melamine Dinner Plate, $10

Dakota Melamine Side Plates, Set of 4, $32

Lucia Acrylic Goblet Wine Glasses, Set of 4, $40

The Food 

Baking, buying, or cooking delicious bite-sized food is such a fun aspect of throwing a garden party because there are so many options. A tea party is a traditional way to serve food at a garden party, but brunch or a light lunch work in this setting, too.

Because of the season change, keep the food light, not like those heavy carbs we eat to stay warm in the winter. A selection of sandwiches is an easy, affordable, and adorable way to serve food. Cucumber sandwiches, chicken salad, caprese, and smoked salmon are delicious finger sandwiches that are perfect to make at home. Plus, they're easy to prepare in large quantities, and you can get creative by cutting them into cute bite-size pieces or floral shapes using cookie cutters.

Mini versions of elevated foods are also a great option to serve at your garden party. Tiny toasts with avocado spread, mini bagels and lox, personal charcuterie boards, or even single salads make for delightful bites.

Don't forget to add sides to your menu, and fruit is particular fresh and beautiful at this time of the year. Arrange fruit in a clear bowl lined with lettuce leaves for decorative touch, or nestle it between the other bites on your table for a colorful spread.

And we can't forget the sweets! Macarons are the perfect pastel bites to include in your spread, and they look so pretty on the table. Bite-sized cakes, shortbread cookies, or scones are other great options. If you like to bake, this is the perfect time to show off your skills by making one of your most loved desserts.

When it comes to beverages, variety is key. Mimosas are a great option, as well as simple juices, sparkling water, lemonade, and iced tea. You can also provide the luxury spa experience with a water pitcher and a few pieces of sliced fruit.

An Activity

It's always nice to have a planned activity for your guests in case there's a lull in the party. A DIY bouquet bar, where your girlfriends can put together their own spring bouquets to take home, is a fun and unique experience that adds to any party. Grab a few varieties of flowers (hello, Trader Joe’s!) plus kraft paper and string, and you're set!

Or grab some small canvas' from your local HomeSense (they're always on sale) and tell everyone to paint the spring florals around them!

An Adorable Spring Dress

In the midst of party planning and setting up, don’t neglect your personal outfit! Make sure to set aside time before setting up to do your hair and makeup, and then have your outfit waiting on a hanger to slip on before guests arrive. 

Morning Lavender Colette Corset Floral Dress, $83

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Closing Thoughts 

Planning a garden party is a must-add event to your spring calendar. With its fun, feminine, and floral theme, this is the perfect time to flex your hostess muscles

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