Everything You Need To Know About "Instinct Maxxing"

In a time where data-driven decisions dominate our approach to life and work, a counterintuitive trend is gaining traction: Instinct Maxxing. This concept, though more challenging for some—often perceived as harder for men than for women—urges individuals to lean into their gut feelings, arguing that our first instincts are almost always correct. But what exactly is Instinct Maxxing, and how can it be used effectively?

By Carmen Schober2 min read
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Instinct Maxxing is the practice of trusting one's instinctual reactions over the more common analytical thought processes. It champions the idea that your gut reaction—your body's and mind's immediate response to a given situation—is not just a fleeting feeling but a form of "embodied wisdom." This wisdom is likely a reflection of your subconscious mind at work, processing and reacting to scenarios based on a vast reservoir of experiences, observations, and absorbed information, even if you're not consciously aware of it.

For individuals who pride themselves on being analytical, the notion of Instinct Maxxing might seem misguided. However, with practice, you’ll likely find that this approach is very valuable and more accessible than you might think. Essentially, it's about leveraging the wealth of implicit knowledge you've accumulated over your lifetime, allowing it to guide your decisions and actions.

Embodied Wisdom: Trusting Your Subconscious

The human brain is remarkably adept at picking up on patterns, nuances, and signals that our conscious minds often overlook. This includes everything from body language and tonal variations in conversation to more complex patterns of behavior and situational analysis. Our "gut brain," a term that underscores the intrinsic link between our cognitive processes and physical sensations, plays a critical role in how we react to our environment. It's this connection that Instinct Maxxing seeks to amplify.

The concept of embodied wisdom suggests that our bodies and subconscious minds are constantly processing and reacting to our surroundings, and then storing that information away for future use. Whether it's a split-second decision in a high-stakes situation or a nagging feeling about a decision or person, Instinct Maxxing teaches that these instinctive reactions are not random but are actually informed by a more primal understanding of the world, often beyond what we can articulate.

How to Practice Instinct Maxxing

Practicing Instinct Maxxing involves a conscious effort to tune into and trust your gut feelings. It requires mindfulness and an openness to listen to your body's signals without immediate judgment or rationalization. Here are a few steps to help get you started.

Awareness: Begin by simply noticing your gut reactions in various situations. Whether it's a feeling of unease, excitement, or indifference, acknowledge these instinctual responses without trying to immediately analyze them.

Reflection: After the fact, take time to reflect on your instincts and the outcomes of any decisions made following them. Did your gut lead you in the right direction? Over time, this reflection can help you adjust and trust your instincts more deeply. This book was written with writers in mind, but it can help anyone better assess their unique intuitions and how to put them in practice.

Gradual Trust: Start trusting your instincts in smaller, less critical decisions. As your confidence in your gut feelings grows, gradually allow them to inform more significant choices.

Balanced Approach: While Instinct Maxxing champions the gut, it doesn’t advocate for abandoning all logic and reason. Instead, it encourages a more balanced approach where instinct and analysis coexist, complementing each other in decision-making processes.

Closing Thoughts

Instinct Maxxing is about embracing a fuller spectrum of human intelligence, one that includes the powerful, often underutilized tool of our instincts. It's a reminder that sometimes, the best decision is the one you feel most viscerally, born from a deep-seated wisdom that transcends conscious thought.

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