Everything You Need To Know About Pastor John-Paul Miller And Mica Miller's Disturbing Case

Pastor John-Paul Miller's wife, Mica, was found dead on April 27 – just two days after she served her husband divorce papers. In an affidavit, Mica warned her family members that "if I end up with a bullet in my head, it was not by me, it was JP."

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#JusticeForMica continues to trend on social media – here's why.

What Happened to Mica Miller?

Mica Miller, 30, was the wife of a pastor named John-Paul Miller, nicknamed "JP." She was found dead in late April with a gunshot wound in her head at Lumber River State Park in Lumberton, North Carolina. Just days before the sudden tragedy, John-Paul was served a no-contact order and divorce papers.

Mica's close family and friends are urging authorities to investigate her death. Her friend, Kenn Young, told WPDE, “This has to be at least looked into deeply. There’s got to be some accountability here, because yeah, a tragic life was lost, and it’s not just as simple as mental health issues.”

On May 2, 2024, The Robesonian reported that Mica's sister set up a fundraising link asking for financial assistance covering law fees, flight, hotel, and food costs for their parents and grandparents.

“We are doing our best to get them here to honor Mica properly,” Sierra Francis, Mica’s sister, said on the Voices in the Wilderness Facebook page. Donors were asked to reach out and send funds with the note "#JUSTICEFORMICA." 

“We are an Air Force family with very limited funds,” Mica's mom wrote on social media. Her mother added, “A no contact order and a divorce was filed just days before this tragedy. We are devastated. Prayers appreciated."

According to Robeson County Medical Examiner Dr. Richard Johnson, Mica passed away from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. "Based on the nature of the wound, it is consistent with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. And it was not in the back of the head, as it has been speculated," Dr. Johnson said.

Some social media users still believe that foul play may have been involved. Mica's sister stated in the affidavit, “Mica stated to me on many occasions, ‘If I end up with a bullet in my head, it was JP.'” Her sister had also been expressing her concerns regarding Mica's safety months before her death.

Who Is John Paul-Miller?

John-Paul Miller is the pastor at Solid Rock Church in Myrtle Beach, SC. He went viral after a video of his sermon was uploaded online in which he broke the news of his wife’s death. However, the pastor didn't seem too distraught about his wife's passing. In fact, John-Paul spent time boasting about himself and his looks before sharing the shocking announcement about Mica. He even asked his congregation not to discuss his wife’s death inside the church. Later in his sermon, he revealed that Mica's death was “self-induced,” reiterating that she was mentally ill.

 “I got a call late last night, my wife has passed away. It was self-induced and it was up in North Carolina,” JP said before sharing the details of her memorial service.

“Y’all pray for me and my kids and everybody. You all knew she wasn’t well mentally and she needed medicine that was hard to get to her. I’m sure there will be more details to come, but keep her family in your prayers.”

JP reportedly had a habit of talking negatively about his wife during services. In the weeks before Mica's death, he would bring her up to his listeners, mentioning how "18 people" had messaged Mica to check on her relationship and talk about him. It seems many of her friends and family members were concerned for Mica and how JP treated her.

Still, the pastor has a strong alibi. According to police reports, John-Paul was at an athletic event in Charleston on the day of Mica's death. Mica even called the cops and purchased a gun on the day of her death. “I’m about to kill myself and I just want my family to know where to find me,” Miller said in the call, according to officials. Despite these findings, people still find him guilty, with many asserting that JP's purported abuse led Mica to kill herself. "He might not have physically pulled the trigger but her blood is still on his hands," an X user wrote.

Though their divorce was never finalized, JP had relations with another woman during his marriage. Robbie Harvey, a social media personality who advocates for abuse victims, said John-Paul had been separated from Mica for some time and had a girlfriend named Susie Skinner. There are photographs of the pastor spotted with Skinner still wearing a wedding band.

Susie's former husband, Chris Skinner, died in a drowning accident. JP conducted the funeral.

John-Paul Miller's Criminal History

Social media sleuths found that John-Paul pleaded guilty in 1999 to ABHAN (Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature).

The indictment charges were due to Miller "hitting a woman twice with his vehicle at a high rate of speed," as reported by a local newspaper.

Mica Found Tires Slashed and Tracking Device on Her Car Weeks Before Her Death

Mica had been concerned about her own safety for months. She believed someone was watching or following her in the weeks leading up to her death, as reported by The Sun. On March 11, Mica told officials her tires had been slashed near Springmaid Pier in Myrtle Beach. That same day, when she went to repair the tires, she called the cops again after a tracking device was found on her vehicle.

Officials did not name the suspect who followed Mica. Reports indicate that the tire slashing was the "second time a razor has deflated her tire in the last week." Mica apparently had an idea of who was "following or watching her" and said he had a "history of similar actions against her." However, according to the report, officers didn't have enough evidence to charge the suspect, who bothered Mica again just hours later.  Mica was "afraid for her life," as stated in these reports, so why didn't the cops try harder to protect Mica?

Mica also posted a video to Facebook about her "situation" weeks before her death and talked about domestic abuse.

People Expose John-Paul Miller

Mica’s case got widespread attention following the hashtag #JusticeForMica, prompting women to come forward about their experiences with John-Paul.

John-Paul Miller’s Ex Speaks Out

John-Paul's ex-girlfriend, Cherish, shared a post on Facebook about her inappropriate relationship with the pastor. She was a minor when they started dating. "I was 14yrs old and he was 19," she wrote. "I was a child but at the time I didn't see an issue, but at 19 obviously he should have!! We dated for a year and I found out he was dating his first wife, Ali while we were together (unbeknowns to her)...." Social media users found that Mica also met JP as a minor, and people have accused the pastor of grooming her when she was a teen.

Cherish said that she and other members of the church witnessed abuse from John-Paul and his father, Dr. Reginald Wayne Miller, who was arrested for soliciting gay sex. She added that what John-Paul and his father did were not actions that represented Jesus Christ, that God is pure and kind and would "NEVER want a man to treat his wife the way JP treated Mica."

A Veteran MCPO named Mikey seems to corroborate Cherish's account, stating that he attended Solid Rock Church and confronted John-Paul about his infidelity years ago. "Amen - I went to Solid Rock. I was there when all this went down with his first wife. I confronted him about it. He started quoting scripture to me," he shared on X. "How god said it was ok what he was doing. I said really dude what is wrong with u?? He had no remorse. He is sick, narcissist charlatan, and should never preach again. I was one of many that left Solid Rock after that. RIP Mica."

Waitress Shares Disturbing Details About John-Paul

On May 6, 2024, a woman on TikTok said that John-Paul left his phone number on his receipt for her when she was his waitress. According to the waitress, John-Paul told her "that he was going through a divorce because his soon-to-be ex-wife was bipolar and schizophrenic." But then she "found some unsavory information" about him and wanted to expose the pastor until she found that his church allegedly has a history of covering up his behavior, claiming that "anyone who speaks out gets stalked and harassed."

Screenshots of text messages between the woman and JP, as well as the receipt, are circulating on X.

Bar owner Martin Todd on Facebook addressed John-Paul in a separate post. Apparently, the pastor was enjoying the bar just after his wife's funeral. "Mr. Miller you are a sick sob.... your wife's funeral just got over and your sitting at my bar drinking with a smile on your face like nothing happened!!" he wrote.

Woman Claims JP Owns A Child Sex Doll

Kyler Marlow on Facebook said that she has a source who told her that, per the medical examiner, Mica's body was a "clearcut suicide; however, nobody believes it based on everything they know, and especially after speaking to JP." Marlow says that JP was absolutely shocked about the divorce papers and alleges that he owned a blow-up doll of a four-year-old.

#JusticeforMica Continues, Protests Erupt

Protests have been held at Solid Rock Church for Mica as people demand justice.

"She was loved by many and either answers or justice will bring her family closure to this tragic end of a daughter of god and a daughter and sister to a grieving family looking for answers," the website dedicated to Mica reads.

Mica Miller’s Sister Sets the Record Straight

Mica's sister, Sierra, asks people not to listen to the false stories being shared about her. “There is a lot of talk already going on so i want to set the record straight. Our sister Mica Miller passed away yesterday. Please do not listen to false stories being shared about her,” she shared on Facebook. “Mica was a God-fearing, joyful, loving woman who did not deserve the abuse she endured.”

“If you hear anything about this from anyone other than her family please question it, reach out to her siblings or parents. Keep our family in your prayers and if you have any information that needs to be shared please contact one of us. Please respect us in this time and honor her memory with joy that she is no longer suffering. #justiceformica.”


John-Paul has been released from his church duties, according to an email obtained by News13.

The email read, “I, Charles Randall, by the authority vested in me as overseer, hereby release Pastor John-Paul Miller from all ministerial functions for a time of healing, counsel, and guidance, pursuant to our governing instrument."

Mica's obituary described her as "energetic, affirming, adventurous, faithful, loving, giving, forgiving, talented, joyous, creative, assertive, bold, determined, authoritative, passionate, hardworking, a risk taker, and so much more."

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